Amid the mess in my new condo.. and all the cleaning, dusting, mopping and washing.. let alone cutting all those huge cardboards -- which were the former refuge of our mega-sized television, the beautiful masterpiece of a table hubby assembled and other furniture -- for recycling, I thought it was game over for me.

Once a dignified news editor of a vibrant newsroom, where stories break every hour, on the hour, my existance is now punctuated by the sound of my washload turning in the washing machine... and the sizzling of dinner on the wok on that electric stove...which by the way needs a scrub once I am done with yet another perfect meal I have devised from scratch!

What has become of me?

Want to hear the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I am enjoying it, every minute of it...especially when I have a glorious past to fall back on. I don't want to sound arrogant but my ego is inflated this morning and I have reason for it.

This reader's letter drew a smile on my face this morning. I don't know what made me check the archives of my paper when I woke up..but I needed that dosage of flattery to empower me to scrub the floors and clear the mess left behind by the handyman from El Salvador, who fixed the curtains yesterday.

Do I already sound like a desperate housewife? No.. I am not..and I can't be.

I am an intellectual writer, a national asset and a woman with a glorious past and an even more stunning future written in the stars.

At least this is what my fortune-teller told me ;)


Cerebralwaste said...

Glad your having a great time SBG!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

a car is on the way .. once we get our ontario license. with an international one, insurance costs shoot up .. and we dont want that we?

(¯`'•.¸¤IMMER_LEBEND¤¸.•'´¯) said...

hey hi, congratulations for your blog :) recive greetings, have good day:)

Omni said...

You go girl!! :-)

Cerebralwaste said...

CAR?!!! No SBG you need/DESERVE a big TRUCK. Like a HUMMER!!!!! Show the world just what a silly Bahraini girl can do!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

or maybe a good loving ole citroen...

ever noticed how toyota echo isn't popular in canada but the avalon is? os maybe its different in the big city :D

Sans said...

Hey SBG...
Flattering fan mail eh?
Do you feel like an expatriate in Canada?
I have always wondered who the hell is an expatriate?
If we are all God's children - then how can you be an expatriate under God's own sky?
Shahnaz writes:"Bahraini people are asking expatriates to go. It is, of course, a right demand."

I would have thought you'll unleash the might of your words at that sort of a statement.

Time for you to re-ignite the fire that makes you the wonderful person you are.

Don't just get flattered by some flat words... You know, we have a job to do - cause we write and communicate in a public sphere that is getting privatised with every passing minute.

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