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My plan is to blog something a day .. for as long as I can sustain it.

I had this funny idea simmering the whole night and I wake up, start sipping my morning tea while watching television (big mistake) and all the ideas which were bubbling in my silly head, during yet another sleepless night simply evapourated! They have vanished. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. I have an empty head.. but you are not to be let off the hook this easily.

Let me tell you a few things I didn't plan on telling you. It is snowing outside. hehe.

I don't know what the temperature today is and I don't want to know.

I was perfectly fine when I went to sleep before yesterday and woke up with a terrible cold yesterday.

I don't know where I got the bug from and I don't want to know. I don't want to commit a murder. Not in Canada. If I summon enough energy to commit a murder one day, please God make me do it in Wonderland, where the mercenary police are so stupid and cannot solve simple cases let alone a murder and would either frame the crime on an Indian immigrant worker or a Shia village boy.

Yesterday, the temperature OUTSIDE was MINUS 10 but felt like MINUS 20 (because of the wind chill factor)...So with my cold, there was no way I would go out, meaning that I have completed a week now without stepping outside my condo.. except of course to throw the garbage down the chute four doors away from mine, when hubby wasn't home to do that simple extra curricular activity.

Someone help me with this cold.. because if I blow my nose one more time, it will fall off and people will think that I am trying to be like Whacko Jacko.

My friend Santosh has given me a great remedy and has asked me to pass it on to those plagued with a cold like mine. He suggests mixing garlic, ginger, salt, black pepper and cumin seeds in water and bringing it to a boil. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, add lemon juice to it and drink hot.

Dear Santosh. It was great. It worked. A bit. My nose is still running though. I want this cold over and out of the way. I have to go out and do my Xmas shopping. I have bought cards but have not posted them. I haven't bought a single present - even for those who were kind and have gone out of their way to make us welcome in Canada. This is precisely why we shouldn't ever leave things to the last minute. But how I am supposed to know I would get a cold?

What else? I am starting a new blog.. hehe.. just one to post some of the pictures I have taken in this beautiful place for family and friends and anyone interested in seeing them. There is a link on the side bar. The address is

And you can all thank Santosh for it. Like this blog, he is the one who set it up. He is to blame for all the silliness you are forced to stomach whenever I feel like being silly.


funlearning said...

Hope you get feeling better soon. I just got over a nasty flu. Well I'm actually still batteling it, but it's nothing compared to the first few days.

Oh as for the Christmas cards. I have mine all filled out, but have yet to mail them out. Think anyone will mind if they're post marked AFTER the 25th?

MuppetLord said...

A brandy and port is good if you don't feel too good.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Hi there,

I didn't know you've made your Great Escape already! Congrats! Ah, lucky you.

Wish you all the best. I have a few Candian mates over there. I'll tell'em to go easy on you! ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

eeeeeeeeeeee... Ali.. a grand escape.. in style ba3ad !

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