I heard from someone..that the best things in life happen when you are asleep...or when you aren't looking..

For me, I feel God sheilds me from all the evil that is happening around. I was down with the flu for a few days.. I was confined to bed and I had no access to TV, internet and of course our one-sided self-censored newspapers.. which I really wanted to do without for a few days.

So I wake up on Wednesday and I go to work.. and I surf the net and I talk to people.. and I do a double-take.. Which century are we in.. the silly girl in me asks.. What happened while I was asleep. Why were those people attacked so brutally .. Yes, they did bring it to themselves by protesting by the gates to heaven. They should have been more selective.. chosen a better location...somewhere not as sensitive as that.. and for a cause not that deep.

Here are a few pictures from here and there about what happened while I was asleep...

This is Nabeel Rajab being attacked by the riot police:
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And here are some of the protestors who were attacked by police:
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Angelo Embuldeniya said...

demonstrating at banned venues is one thing and police brutality another.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks bronxbob...where do you get all this optimism from?

If they sell it in bottles, can you ship some for me?

Chanad said...

it was indeed a sad day. i think most of all im disturbed by how everyone has taken this so lightly. why are there so few people demanding an investigation into the level of police brutality?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Because Chanad nothing has really changed.

The police continue in their old twisted ways.

Look at Ahmed.

Read my lips. Nothing has changed. Nothing has ever changed and nothing will ever change.

Anonymous said...

What were they protesting about?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

They were protesting for jobs ..
Not a legitimate cause in Wonderland I am afraid!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

i don't know about the authority in wonderland, but i'm sure it's a legitimate cause, ok so the place they protested was off-limits, sensitive and not appropriate, but it still doesn't make it right retailiate with the brutal treatment i've seen that's happened to the protesters.

oh yea, i don't get why the bchr had to be there still, if they were there as 'observers' then why did some of their members get arrested?

observers don't get involved rite? - thats what i thought atleast.

And the venue where the protest was held was wrong, no doubt given the earlier warning the week before at the protest - same location. but why was all that police brutality needed?

did any of the protesters stone the riot squad? provoke them maybe? all those pics make u wonder what they did to deserve all that crap!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I am as confused as you are.. maybe we should start the 'confused bahraini blog' and list all the confusing things happening in wonderland which no one can explain.

The problem in wonderland is that you can only analyse things in retrospect ... because utlimately, the shit hits the fan one day and things come out in the open.

The other problem is that people forget.. forget and then get busy with other things.. one thing pushes something to the background.. to oblivion.. and lets the other get all the limelight.

You see.. I was asleep when it all flared up and didn't know what had happened until a few days later.. and not from very reliable sources.

If u read the papers, u hear a different story from the one you will read on the net and the ones you will hear from the human rights centre & co.

Personally, I only take news straight from the horse's mouth..

Where is the horse.. I wonder?

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