What is jacko whacko doing in Wonderland?

I have been bombarded with calls... lots of them, from friends and foes, asking about what he could possibily be doing here.

Is he here for the weather, scenery, nightlife, babes, social life, a chance to mingle with the stars, mediate, convert to Islam, learn more about the Arab world, stage a concert ???

I don't know... we have exhausted all possible avenues.

Will he be dining at Bamboo tonight for BD12 each (inclusive of drinks)? or go down the road and have a Shawarma in shawarma alley and then shake his hips at BJs?

You see I have his night all planned for him...or will he join us at Trader Vic's for the Singaporean Sling and the Slippery Nipples?

Don't know... ur guess is as good as mine!


The Joker said...

the way you say it...
well you got me excited to go out

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

we should all go out..
it's the bloody weekend

no one should sit at home and sulk.. not worth it really ;)

Scorpio said...

He'd be in Cafe Lilo for certain. Wouldn't it have been great if Saddam had got asylum here before the Gulf War - then you could go in there see Saddam and his henchmen on one table, before Michael Jackson would arrive on his pet lama to have dinner with Bubbles on another. How awesome would that be?

Hey, the Joker, you were the original Bahraini blogger to post about Jackson a couple of weeks back - you got to agree that advice about the pruning shears will come in handy now.

Who's up for requesting that Crazy Kev play the West Ham football anthem: 'I'm forever blowing bubbles?'

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

are u show scorpio its cafe lilo & not chase? :-D

maryam said...

Lets hope that his visit here is to put some sense into his head hole (brain.) i say hole as i dont think he has much of a brain up there. But then again thats jst my opinion.lol.

mashallah ukhti, mabrook wa shukran.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You know what..ended up staying at home.
hubby was caught up at work and i don't like going out on weekends without him

command for the day:
shoot him on sight

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