There was a massive rally in Hamad Town today calling for constitutional reforms... the third in a series of protests so far.

The last time such an event was held, the government voiced its objections that the constiutional reforms rally about the unconstitutional constitution was unconstitutional. I know this sound so retarded but this is exactly what had happened and I am reporting it here because this is where I can say whatever I want regardless of what anyone thinks... well, at least UNTIL I DECIDE I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK NO MORE.

Two things drew my attention...actually more... thanks to bahrainonline's coverage.

Women at the rally.. lots of them.. look... all covered up:

Image hosted by

Then.. there was this looming question no one had answered before... where is the massive flag made in china and paid for by a telephone company. I saw it's son/daughter here:

Image hosted by

Also... there is another picture with lots of people wearing bright yellow hats.. I couldn't figure that out..

For more pix check out the banned bahrainonline website. You should know how to get in. A school child taught me how to do so.. Shame I have to ask children to help me do things and access sites the government is trying to block. Shame the government is blocking sites in this open media age. Shame. Shame. Shame.


sume said...

I am so confused. :S

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You aren't the only one girl...
Join the club for we all live in a yellow submarine ;)

Chanad said...

To answer your question, the yellow hats were the NDAS supporters. I've been quite pleased to see the active stance theyve taken in the last two protests.

Also, not all of the women were covered up in abayas... there was more than a handful of ladies in Western clothing also.

I have some more photos on my site if youre interested.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Chanad for the clarification.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

does it matter if women at protests/demos are covered up? the point is that they're out there in the blazing heat to make their point right?

unless stylish abayas have something to do with it as well, and in that case the abaya business must be booming, but them i'm a 'silly' student so i don't know :D

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