I woke up one morning in a rather optimistic mood - there is hope, I lied to myself. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is room for a future where you can be truthful with yourself and others, and express your ideas and engage in meaningful exchanges with people without being stereo-typed and labelled.

I dreamt of a world where people could share their ideas and emotions and develop the way they see the world and learn from each others experiences in a civil and courteous manner.

I was wrong. I was wrong in this and in many other things in life. I have this feeling that I have been playing Chinese whispers with people. Or perhaps I am totally out if it and don't have anything constructive or coherent to say.

I will therefore be deleting entries here ..a few entries at a time. I still haven't made up my mind as to whether I will keep this blog or not.

Thank you all for your comments, kind words and support over the previous few months. See in around, in another world maybe.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Girl, you might need another holiday!

You're stronger than to just up sticks.

Hang tight. I know it looks black to you, but I hope that you will agree that it is at least lightening up a tiny bit.

m with huge shoulders

Arabian Princess said...

Well, you cant expect to see the side that is just agreeing with you and get upset when you get comments you dont agree with,

Negative comments are part of life and part of being free to state thier opinion, and we should be strong enough to face them and give validation to what we beleive in, or step down when we realise we are wrong.

I dont know if you made this decision after Oman's post .. well if it was, then I am sorry if in anyway I made you feel this way (though I am not sorry for giving out my opinion)

Silveroo The Sailor said...

Oh, the Oman thingy?
You openly proved your good intentions!

Come on SBG. You’re a journalist. You probably know better than me and others about how some people decide to express their opposing thoughts in a harsh manner!

Not that I encourage ill comments, but blogs are more interesting when conflicts arise.

Don’t let gloom in! I beg u :D

Chanad said...

Please reconsider. Why is it that we're losing Bahrain bloggers faster than new ones are being created? What could I offer you to make you change your mind? You are totally mistaken if you think that you "don't have anything constructive or coherent to say."

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

'they' almost forced me to close my blog down because i'm the only student blogger from 'there', however, i chose to believe in 'noor' and i'm still blogging about student life in Bahrain and there are more students coming out with their own blogs in bahrain!

Remember sbg, 'noor' is there, always has been and will always be there - so don't give in to the system!

[ps- noor means light in arabic right?]

sume said...

Blah, don't you dare quit! -_- The world needs voices like yours. Don't make me write an essay on my blog on reasons why you should stay. I've been a lazy blogger lately and will be sorely mad at you if you break my lazy streak. :P

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Who said I am quitting.. I will just use a random way of blogging.

Two rules of engagement though:
1. Not to insult my intelligence and accuse me to things I have nothing to do with

2. Not to get my other life (when I am not in my complete senses and at work) involved.

Otherwise, I am fine with blogging!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Woot! Happy Blogging SBG!

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