A wise man once told me that God created man to suffer and created women to ensure that he does.

I don't really know where this man got this brain fart from but from what I notice all around me, he is wrong on both counts.

God did not create man to suffer. On the contrary, in our backward societies, men never suffer. It is always that evil sinful woman who made Adam eat the forbidden fruit who has to bear the consequences of her wrong-doing.


Vicente Torres said...

That man does not seem very wise.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

he sure isn't...
bring me a wise man, and I will shoot him on sight/site ;)
no pun intended

bronxbob said...

If indeed they both ate from the
Tree of Knowledge, can you imagine Eve's reaction when she got knowledge to the fact that now women would have to be abused!
But on a serious note, it is damned pathetic that women are looked down up, taken advantage of, abused in every and which way. And then in certain societies forbidden to drive a car, forbidden to vote, just to same a few. And these laws are made by men, who in my opinion, are demasculated wimps, who are frightened of and feel threatened by women in general. These are the types of "men" who go around slapping their wives, just to show them who is boss.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Men never suffer... at least they shouldn't go bragging about it when and if they do... because it will be considered unmanly if they do ;)

Makes any sense Odd A?

Anonymous said...

Only women can brag about sufferring then?

And this so-called 'bragging' about sufferring is a woman's trait is it?

And what should 'men' do if they suffer? Insult the rest of the world?

Makes any sense SBG?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

men are supposed to be manly and take things in stride and not complain and nag like women..

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

oops... that should have read "like little girls" and not women... for women have proved to be much stronger than girls..

what say u Odd A?

Anonymous said...

I say I'll take you on in a one-on-one match in MSN.

*gets in the ring*


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

This adam and eve story, i think the roles got accidentally switched or something, may be there wasn't reall an 'eve', eve was prolly homo sexual or Adam was a woman before and s/he had a sex op.

Let me try this one out (in doing so i've already angered loads of religious ppl, catholics big time on the list :D):

As the story goes, eve tempted adam with the apple and adam got doomed, u really think that makes sense? sure if u hear it like 24/7 (sunday school), Uusually it's the man who's a fool and goes about sayin' woohoo look at that, and junk food and so foth, i'm not sayin' that the apple was junk food, all i'm sayin' is that some women are more into analysing and stuff and adam was prolly more woman than eve and after analysing the situation thought why ot sample some of the good product and then give her constructive thoughts later on. Ans so adam (she) tasted the fruit, oh yes - so lucious!

Does that make sense?

Desert Island Boy said...

No Strav, it doesn't make sense.

Try again!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehehe.. strav, where do u get those ideas from?

bronxbob said...

I actually like Strav's theory.
But what really boggles the mind --
how the heck did everyone procreate?
Has to be one word: Incest.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


bronxbob said...

Well, think about it, SBG. If they
were the only humans around at the time...As much as we hate to think that, how else could they have multiplied?

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

bronxbob, i don't want to be disgusting or anything but just a wild guess here (& the creator is waitin' to pour out his wrath upon thee), do you think beastiality had anything to do with the rate at which they multiplied?

Tho we have no idea of really knowing because ulike humans, animals don't kiss & tell, plus if it ever happened, do you think it could be termed as "non-consent" and the animal has got no rights on this one since 'things' don't go his/her way.

Yes, it's a taboo subject - i know - but it was bronxb who got me thinking after he implied that incest had something to do with how they multiplied, and i just think it wasn't only incest. :)

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

though i must mention that is there's anyone out there readin' the above comment and you're into beastiality, it's time to call in a mental health counsellor (shrink) and go over what's on yo mind. I don't endorse beastiality in any way :-)

& don't send me any hate mails!

bronxbob said...

Nah, I doubt they engaged with the beasts. But there is also that nagging thought that somehow aliens were involved.

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

somehow the thought that aliens having gotten involved sounds unrealistic because in the case of bestiality there is a logical explanation due to the large existience of wildlife around, plus the settings and the first humans were said to be surrounded by the animal kingdom in many historical texts. But coming back to aliens, bronxbob how do you explain the certanity that at the time, aliens existed or even if they did what certanity is there to touch base on that the first beings knew how to communicate with them?

Got any pointers?

bronxbob said...

I always toyed with the idea of
alien explorers coming to earth -- either intentionally, or they were forced to land and were stranded here.
Now this is where I drift away from the Adam & Eve story, and I sure hope no one calls me a heathen~LOL!!! Let's say the Adam & Eve story was just that -- a story. That they didn't really exist. What if the aliens mated with the apes? After a period of so many generations, the alien gene took hold, and now there were humans being born. You can take it from there. The humans multiply.
As far as your idea of aliens and beasts mating....I can't picture any births taking place from that.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

aliens.. beasts..incest..
i will leave you two to it ;)
good luck figuring out how it all started

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