This is also taken from today's GDN and for some obscure reason I want to post it here for safe-keeping ;)

MANAMA: More than 10 per cent of Arab men are suffering from sexual impotence - among the highest rates in the world, it was claimed yesterday. Cairo University's virility and fertility consultant Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Fahmi cited hypertension, diabetes, smoking, stress and alternative herbal male potency medicine as the main causes.
He also said 25 per cent of diabetic Arabs are sexually impotent.


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Sandi said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I found your blog while searching for pictures of Bahraini women for my blog. I'm a college student in Bemidji, Minnesota (US) and one of my projects is to build a blog. I was in Bahrain for seven months in 2001, but never took any pictures of the people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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