Just an update to tell you all that I am on a short holiday - a well-deserved break from my everyday chores.

I am doing great. Thanks to the great people out there who said that I needed a break. I certainly did and I never knew how much good it will do to me. I am having a blast! There are no words to describe how it feels to be spoilt and pampered by the person you love most!

Won't say more... You heard about the the evil eye? More on that later.


Chanad said...

enjoy your trip SBG!

btw, what has SBB been up to lately?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Chanad.
SBB is here, enjoying a lazy slow Thursday afternoon with me...

Should I take him to the Heritage Festival to teach him about his Arab heritage at the Bahrain National Museum?

Do I really want to teach the young Shia Sayed terrorist how his savage ancestors used to hunt? How life turned and how he is prey now?

This deserves a special post when I am in the mood.

Thanks for the inspiration!

aalman said...

Well SBG I have to admit that this is a well deserved break for you..

Now about your response, for god's sake, stop the self pitty.. We are the prey they are the prey who is the prey it doesnt matter!

What's really getting us down is the self pitty. We pitty ourselves because we are the prey, we dont have jobs, we dont have money and we sit there dwelling about our misfortune while those who are the hunters are simply picking us out one by one.

Lets face it. Everyone's the prey whether shia or otherwise, and the hunters dont seem to care about religion or background all they want is more influence and more prey.

LOL.. well you enjoy your vacation now.. go to the festival and show who ever SBB how to be a hunter instead of a prey!

sume said...

I hope you're enjoying you're vacation. Miss your updates! You are coming back, aren't you? :D

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Sume...and Aalman...I never indulge in self-pity...

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