Here are a few snippets about how free and democratic Bahrain really is:

1. People are allowed to get out in masses and wave flags and honk and cause traffic jams to celebrate the National Action Charter (huh?) - but not rallies which ask what went wrong afterwards

2. People are allowed to celebrate the birth of a new democracy - but not its death

3. People are allowed to speak - only if they are to praise and pray for prolonging the lives of certain individuals

4. People are allowed to think - only if those thoughts are not sinister and harbour ill feelings to the regime

5. People are free to work - only if there are positions available to suit their ethnic background and religious sect

6. People are free to practise their religious beliefs - only if their religious beliefs are politically bankrupt

7. People are free to spend their Friday afternoons doing whatever they want - unless it is blogging nonsense or taking part in anti-state gatherings and illegal rallies

To be continued ....


BB said...

The irony.... :(

moodZ said...


Anonymous said...

I was born in Bahrain but left when I was 1 and a half to the US with my adopted parents. I have recently been interested to learn more about Bahrain. THANK YOU for the post!! I found that very interesting and can't wait to read more about Bahrain from someone who lives there. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I had been raised there..and while I am sure its a nice place I am very thankful I didn't have to grow up there. Please post more about the "democracy" of the government there. Also..having been raised with strong, intelligent woman in my family I would be interested to know about the life of women under Islamic tradition. It seems to me to be oppressive. Anyway..thanks again for the post.

Anonymous said...

Hey baby,

Why'd you delete the post about yet another encounter with the fugly? I was going to re-read it!

Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures with the fugly!


Anonymous said...

hey babe!

you look lovely & just a glance at your toes leaves me gasping for air.

I might be too cowardly to admit my 'thing' for you but I'll always be there!

And like you say "the truth shall never see light",

But just for you I'll put up a fight.

To win over a true beauty like you is not a sin.

Sadly, you've got tangled into 'maturity' and you insult royalty with your words of solidarity.

Oh how you impress me with your innocent face yet drive me crazy with your addcitive ways.

As always, I'll be waiting for your tender touch, its like a blood rush to my brains that flush the shy blush from my electric crush

Oh do you hear that sudden hush?

- with love & kisses,

from your secret admirer - the princess from hell.

Anonymous said...

What a strange day:

A random asks me to urinate on someone else. Your stalker (or your partners') seems to have invaded your blog. My boss is happy. The waitress is looking better, and I didn't stare out the window as much as I usually do while I'm at work.

Anyway, the whole point is: Don't keep up with the bedouins.

Anonymous said...

you don't like Bahrain too much than go

Anonymous said...

don't fool yourself. there is no smoke without fire and women in bah do not need to stalk men there are plenty out there. just saying maybe you need to wake up and small the cofee

aalman said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL... well There goes the weirdest day of my life.. the responses to this post just topped it off especially the last two.. LOL.. I'm actually active.. woke up at 7:30 am on a Thursday (the equivalent of Sat. for the anonymous American) and I'm still going at it.. and now I read the weirdest responses to a seemingly standard post..

These responses include: a secret love confession (probably written by the same person who asks people to "wake up and smell the coffe"), a weird one line note from another anonymous person who cant spell (I guess he/she aren’t brave enough to tell us who they are), followed by a laughable comment, yet again by an anonymous person who does not have the slightest amount of guts to reveal their true identity, which does not only make a complete fool of the person who wrote it, but also affirms that people see things from their own experiences.

All I have to say to the person who wrote the last comment is, you're sick, seek some medical assistance.. if you don’t receive any already that is, and stop posting love confessions and then try to defame people using them.

I have to say anyone that can write a love confession with English so well scripted can and will find a way to show his/her love, if not openly, in a more upfront way than using an anonymous post on the net, so (anon. #2) get a life.

Hey SBG do you think this is actually Fugly, because I have a feeling that it is. A weird way of getting back at you for disclosing the fact that she called your in-laws to ask if you were going to the F1 of not.. lol, I cant stop laughing at how ridiculous this is. "Wake up and smell the coffee" and "No smoke without fire".. LOOOOOOOOL.. Couldn’t you find better clich├ęs? LOOOOOOOOOOL.. just can't believe how sick some of these people actually are.

Finally, all I can say to the origonal post is, "labaih" ;-).

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