You grow up measuring things by your own standards.

People laugh at you .. you smile back to them, thinking they were nice to you.

People abuse you.. you smile back again and say Thank You, because mummy taught you some manners.

You blog, you leave the comments section open for everyone, thinking people are mature enough to deal with you in a civilised manner...and instead you get comments left by lunatics (see previous post).

The end result is this: no anonymous commentators will be allowed on this site. But of course, the fuglies would find a way around this small obstacle...


sume said...

Possible anonomous fugly just showed the degree of his/her stupidity. Don't sweat the blog trolls, we all eventually get them.

BB said...

I remembered you when I was reading this article in the Guardian this morning, in response to your word FUGLY is FRUBBLY:

"The most bewildering new word, however, is "frubbly", which describes "the positive feeling of seeing your partner with another lover". I cannot imagine having occasion to use the word "frubbly", because I cannot ever envisage being generous, self-sacrificing or stupid enough to feel positive in such a scenario."

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