You grow up measuring things by your own standards.

People laugh at you .. you smile back to them, thinking they were nice to you.

People abuse you.. you smile back again and say Thank You, because mummy taught you some manners.

You blog, you leave the comments section open for everyone, thinking people are mature enough to deal with you in a civilised manner...and instead you get comments left by lunatics (see previous post).

The end result is this: no anonymous commentators will be allowed on this site. But of course, the fuglies would find a way around this small obstacle...


aalman said...

Amen to that!

Scorpio said...

No blog is complete without a stalker mysteriously appearing from the dark depths of cyberspace. Usually they're the plain insane, but on occasion they do have something to contribute - who can forget the genius of Double Dutch on Mahmood's? Anyone who read any of the guy's many long and detailed contributions will know exactly what I mean - before Mahmood so unjustly blocked him from the site.

sume said...

Possible anonomous fugly just showed the degree of his/her stupidity. Don't sweat the blog trolls, we all eventually get them.

moodZ said...

why you no like children? Leave Bahrain ok?

((and NO it wasn't me))

SecretAdmirer said...

why are you so angry?

you must be stressed with all that mango juice - I tell you, keep off the coke as well & Hummus with Donuts - oh dear - that's why you are all wound up with everyone!

Remember I'm back from my long holiday and here to stay, as long as you are cranky with yourself and everyone around you I will be there as pillar to lean upon & I won't leave you until I'm sure you're happy with yourself and others as well. That is a promise babe!

- with love & kisses,

from your secret admirer - [url=]the princess from hell[/url].

SecretAdmirer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BB said...

I remembered you when I was reading this article in the Guardian this morning, in response to your word FUGLY is FRUBBLY:

"The most bewildering new word, however, is "frubbly", which describes "the positive feeling of seeing your partner with another lover". I cannot imagine having occasion to use the word "frubbly", because I cannot ever envisage being generous, self-sacrificing or stupid enough to feel positive in such a scenario."

aalman said...

Woo hoo.. Fugly is back and with a longin name.. lol.. you know that it's a female because no man can be that detailed! lol.. secretadmirer (a.k.a. Fugly, which is coined from the term fucking ugly btw.).. get a life

as for bahrainia.. lol.. believe me some girls go a long way to feel frubbly, again, just a few, not enough of them around actually.. lol..

aalman said...

LOOOL.. damn secretadmirer you crack me up!.. but don’t go even thinking that it's in a good way. I thought that after all I've been through i'd have seen all the psycho degenerates out there with no life, no future, and no semblance of reality; however you manage to pop up and add one more to my list.. kudos! J But, don’t think for a moment that you top that list, oh no, ma amie, you’re somewhere in between bums wielding rusted blades and winos dancing naked in the street with nothing but ear plugs on. For heaven’s sake you can't even come up with a proper half-assed scheme to get back at somebody or oh.. say.. steal their husband away.. or whatever your mind thinks you’re achieving with this laughable quite exposed, half-assed plan of yours. I know I came up with better plans in the 5th grade, I guess you’re just slow up top.

I know you "princess", and it's funny that you didn’t recognize me, and I'm not surprised for some reason, I always knew from the way that you went after our colleagues, but I never knew you could be such a sick bitch!

Let me show you some of the major mistakes in your plan "p. from hell" or should I just call you "hell wanna be" (or hwb for short). Well then (HWB) you claim that you're a man, even though you are as loose as an ironed waistband, yet you still call yourself the "princess from hell".

You claim that you're a man, yet you know some very intimate details about a girl in AlWefaq, which I have a feeling that you will claim that you have had an affair with blah blah blah.. or maybe you’ll deny it and testify your undying love with SBG either way it wont work. And finally you claim you are royalty even though the only thrown I have heard that you have been able to get close to was the polystyrene one in your royal bathroom, not to mention that royalty don’t brag about them being royalty they have others do the job for them.. you foolish ameba..

Oh well tough luck, and you, you will never know who I am, but I will always know who that sick bitch is.. you.. enjoy.

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