It's that time of the month again, when I stand in front of an empty suitcase, not sure what to pack and what to leave behind. It is so cruel to keep human beings in such a position - too inhumane. 

How can anyone pack all necessary belongings in a suitcase, which he should then be able to flog around, from one place to the other, all alone? Given my track record in losing bags (not me losing them, but the airlines insisting on separating us from each other for whatever reason), I know I should be travelling light, and packing all necessities in just ONE bag, preferably a carry on. 

But that is not to be, not because I am a bad organiser, but because of airport security rules, which consider all liquids taboo - even perfume, contact solution, shampoo, shower gel and hair conditioner. All those should be bought again once I land somewhere, and thrown away after the duration of any trip. Someone is making a lot of money, and it sure isn't me. 

All liquids should go in a small plastic bag, if I want to take them on board the plane. I am sure whoever devised this rule isn't a woman - for no woman can stuff all necessary liquids/gels in a small plastic bag - unless she is .. don't know .. not exactly a she. 

So instead of getting off my behind and packing, I find myself faced with questions like: is a tweezer permissible on a flight or not? And if it isn't, should I pack my least favourite one, and surrender it to the pervert going through my stuff when asked to? 

Sigh! If only life was less complicated, September 11 never took place and I don't have to apply for a Schengen Visa for every single trip to Europe. Did you know that? Every time I have to travel to Europe, I have to apply for a visa, which is granted for the exact number of days of my stay - not an hour more. 

And what are our governments doing about that? Nothing. They still continue granting Europeans Visas at our airports, making them more and more welcome, with total disregard to our feelings, when we have to stand in queues, show bank statements and wait patiently for our passports to come back with the coveted visa and smile and say thank you when we get it. 

I know, I should be packing and not stressing about this, but if I did that, I wouldn't be me and will be part of the herd, which I am not and refuse to be. 

Sigh! Better pack ... or I won't be able to make it past the check ins. 

See you in Frankfurt.



Jillian said...

HEY! I'm quite a SHE, and I can pack all of my liquids in a quart-sized Ziploc (though I don't exactly enjoy doing it, and it is expensive).

ARR1058 said...


hope your trip to Germany goes well and you and said suitcase arrive at the same time!

If and when you can, i would like to hear your views on the political unrest in Bahrain. Is it really a Shi'a/Sunni thing as it is being made out to be? how much of it is due to, or inspite of alleged Iranian interference? what are the authorities doing to reach a concensus, if anything? Thanks & Regards

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