just watched sex and the city, the movie, and cried my eyes out.  

guess it was pent up tears waiting to gush out and just needed an excuse. 

i have been away from home for more than three years - three years away from a home i love and hate with passion.

i know home is where your loved ones are - and here i only have one - and my heart is aching because i miss each and every one of the loves left behind back home, especially the little ones who ask me every time i talk to them on the phone: "auntie, when are you coming home?" 

my answer is "soon." 

i now have a date and you better mark it on your calenders. i will be back soon. time flies. and the remaining few weeks will fly as well and before i know i will be back in my wonderland - the home i love and hate with passion. 

see ya soon. 

on a related note, i was chatting the other day to the godfather, and he says that people back home don't smile anymore. well you know what, you better smile and laugh - for he who laughs last laughs best! 


Unknown said...

ما بقى الالقيل يا بتي، بالسلامة بتي، بلدي بلدي احبش يا ارض بلدي ولو ملحه. ام مهدي.

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