According to today's Al Ayam, the Ministry of Interior successfully intercepted this wild animal, which has been terrorising the workers in a labourer's camp in Salmabad, and brought it to justice - oops - I mean handed it over to the wildlife authorities. 

From this humble forum, I would like to express me heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the ministry and all its personnel, for working round the clock to ensure the safety, security and stability of all the people of Bahrain, keeping us all out of harm's way and ensuring that terrorists are kept behind bars, where they belong. 

As far as I know, this alien creature isn't a native, and I am so glad the Bahraini police is made up of foreigners, who have better experience in dealing with such predators. 

Now that I am typing this, I know I can't stop, as I suffer from an acute case,  commonly referred to in medical circles, as verbal diarrhoea or diarrhea - a condition whose spelling varies, depending on whether you consider yourself from a former British colony or a future American one. 

Guess I will draw the line here - as I am running late on my appointment with my shrink. 


Um Naief said...

i just hope, in all seriousness, that they didn't kill the animal. obviously, someone has gotten a hold of a wild animal and tried to keep it as a pet and quickly found out that you can't do this. i feel sorry for the workers, but more sorry for the animal.

Kamal S. said...

Oh my god, they found my cat!

On second thought, they can keep him...

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