Welcome to America, where I was whisked through security in less than two minutes flat: 

Q: "Where are you off to?" 
A: "Miami"
Q: "What will you do there?" 
A: "Attend a conference with friends." 
Q: "What do you do in Canada?" 
A: "What can you do in Canada?" 
Q: "eh?" 
A: **shrug .. 

No finger printing.. no picture taken .. no special treatment and waiting in that room with all the Muslim looking, Chinese, Latino, black and tatooed and ex-convict crowds. 

Basically, no preferential treatment. Am I missing anything here? Is there really something called Hope? And should I too, a cynical skeptical creation of conspiracy theories, believe in Change in the US of A? No more racial profiling? 

Not bitching here but for the first time since the sad events of Sept 11, I feel welcomed in the US .. Should I say: Thank you Obama?  


Amjad said...

No finger printing? wow ..

Um Naief said...

wow, very nice!!!

i'm so proud :))

Me said...


Unknown said...

nice :D
n ""What can you do in Canada?" ROLF

Ali said...

Why would go to America anyway, It is nice to go there once but hey it is not Heaven.

Anyway to each his own I guess

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