So the Ministry of Information announces to Reuters that they are "committed to freedom of opinion and expression" but are seeking to "prevent their abuse."

Here's their sorry excuse, where they don't tell us how many sites have been censored but blame the sheer volume on a technicality:

In a written response to questions from Reuters, the Ministry of Information said it was committed to freedom of opinion and expression but seeks to prevent their abuse.

It did not say how many websites are blocked and did not comment on claims access to political forums is prevented.

It said some websites were blocked "as a result of technical mistakes" and it was looking into the use of more advanced technology to prevent those errors.

And in case you are wondering what their solution is to rectify this huge damage tarnishing the reputation of MY country, here's where you can see their sorry remedy:

So now they are protecting you poor children and shielding you from the dangers lurking out there but at the same time asking you to help them save face in front of the international community.

And what is the advanced technology which is helping you Ministry of Information and Censorship in avoiding such errors and major embarrassments in the future?

Instead of wasting money on filtering software from Websense and Smart Filter and treating us - subjects - as children, pour all this money into GOVERNMENT schools and education please. God know how much we need that because the last time I went through the list of Nobel laureates, I didn't see a single Bahraini.

If you really are concerned for children in my country, be open about issues like child abuse, which are hidden in folders gathering dust. Open the court files and let the world know what monstrous men do in the absence of a personal law and how Sharia courts deal with divorce cases and the extreme injustice those mothers and children face, the first for being women and the latter for being underage.

Sadly, in this country, all of us subjects are treated as YOUNG GIRLS. Thank you for ensuring that as a Bahraini, I will always remain young, at least in the eyes of the authorities.


Dorit Lund said...

Hi I'm a fellow blogger and a journalist student from Denmark (A little country in the northern part of Europe). I've been reading you're blogs for a while and I'm no writing an article about bloggers, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about how you blog and your thoughts regarding that?;)

Silly Danish Girl

Anonymous said...

While I surf blog , i found a all new trick in
Vistor can comment and EMBED VIDEO , IMAGE . EX :
I wonder how they do it ? Anyone know about this , please tell me :D
(sr for my bad english ^_^)

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