Ever since realising that I will always be in LKG, never to be promoted to HKG, in my Wonderland, no matter what I do or who I become in life, I have decided to take things easy and sort of relax and let my silliness ooze out, drop by drop, a trickle at a time. 

I would sometimes get angry no doubt .. but I would continue in my stride, knowing that nothing I think or hope for or aspire to do to usher in a real CHANGE would ever see the light of day - unless it was something silly, or stupid, or shallow - in keeping with traditions and maintaining the status quo in my Wonderland, of course. 

The magic year 2002, signaled a lot of hope to many and I really am proud of myself for not dreaming and letting my stupid thoughts stray away - not one inch, not one centimeter, not one millimeter (hey .. don't push your luck... my math sucks and I can't think of a smaller measurement!)

I am proud to have envisioned, that in our little play group, things will continue to take one step forwards and a few backwards, no matter what grand announcements were made. And don't you ever forget that I was part of that history, and that my fingers typed away lie after lie and promise after promise, giving you one bold headline after the other of how beautiful our tomorrow would be. Poor children. Of course, I was lying and singing you a lullaby, waiting for you to start nodding your heads and hopefully slip away into a sleep you never wake up from. The problem is that you could only sleep in complete darkness, and those flickers of light (read hope) disrupted your sleep, and in your insomnia, you started to plot for grand schemes, ideas such as freedom, and liberty popped into your empty heads and sadistic thoughts inspired by democracy, the decadent West and its imperialistic dreams of destroying us all, to the last standing, sitting and sleeping Muslim Arab. 

Dear children, 
The time of dreams is over. Wake up and smell the tear gas! Invest in good running shoes and buy good quality helmets: the first will help run away from those monstrous crowds with batons and expired tear gas canisters, while the second will shield your eyes from the wrath of rubber bullets. 

And if you have access to the Internet, please sign this petition here, before that too gets banned and your cries are subdued forever! 

Sleep tight! You never know what tomorrow holds for you! 


Unknown said...

Nice angry rant :). The expired tear gas is so true too :P
Sadly, online petitions tend to do nothing. Trust me they do nothing. Even if they did something, what's the use?
With bahrain being so "democratic" as you said so yourself.

Me said...

I singed the petition. not sure if it will do any good, but i hope it will make a difference in this "democratic" country.

Redbelt said...

Go on Amira. Thanks for the post.

Westy said...

hey SBG,

what are LKG and HKG?


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