In Doha, en route to Toronto.

Don't ask and I wont tell .. but you know that's only talk, as I will tell one way or another.

So I was invited to speak at some conference in Doha and well, with Doha being so close, I agreed to come to the talk, which was a total waste of time and effort, and then used the two brain cells remaining in my head and decided to spend some quality time at home, to recover from the stress of the talk, which was not to be. I mean, after two days in Doha, wouldn't you too need to come and relax in Bahrain?

Wouldn't you want to wake up in the morning and read the local papers, which don't tell you what is happening in your own country, to protect you and shield you from the sad realities of life?

Wouldn't you want to be pampered like a little child and told what to do and what to say and what to think and how to react and what to believe and how to apply your foundation and which colour blush suits your complexion better?

Wouldn't you too want to live in a safe environment where your brain is not cluttered with unnecessary information and where the government dictates what information you can and you can't access when surfing the Internet?

And who cares if you feel confused when you ask yourself silly questions like: What freedom? What democracy? as well as the worrisome question: What Reform?? when you know that in the eye of the delusional believers and creepy crawlers and liars and hypocrites and $%#&$#@* this amounts to treason.

Too many questions ... too little juice left in my laptop .. too long a way to Heathrow .. and then on to Toronto.


DeadBunny said...

First i need to point out that there are two different people using this account, im the other guy, i liked your little rant there so i felt the unnecessary need to comment vigorously on the other side of the spectrum. I actually like the news but i dont think it shields us from the sad realities of life just chooses the 'hip' ones, the current consumer wants, which just happens to be gaza, and boy did many people shed a tear and buy little posters about it. A momentary and pathetic attempt to establish some form of human connection with the people dying in gaza to feel better about themselves. Offcourse gaza is what it is nowadays, it used to be iraq, remember those times, those times were fun. Hmm, i just read ur little mission statement or whatever its called, factions thats a mysterious word, makes it sound so exciting, well some of those factions happen to be the exact same people who did lots of good to this country, help raise it but no one really cares about that, the government sucks ass because they are trying to create a system for the people, creatures of systematic habit who can not operate without guidance, and off course wannabe mainstream self entitled liberators of the current wave say fuck the system and comment on blogspot cuz its gonna make some awesome trend that will lead to a self righteous mass suicide by people who think jesus christ is a hip hop artist from LA, but thats just me, dont get offended i actually like what you said, i just have a nag to disagree, now im gonna go play my guitar and read a book and not care about the people dying in gaza, iraq, various countries in africa, the Holocaust, Armenian genocide, and lets not forget all the amazing rebellions we have right here, in our own backyard. have fun in torontoo, and say hi to the people in the church of Scientology for me, there hoots thats what they are.

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