Of course I can access porn sites if I feel like it but not any of the Shia online forums, opposition websites or anything with the word proxy in its domain.

Why? Because my government cares for me. And because I should be proud to be a Bahraini. This isn't yet another move to curtail my freedom of expression as I am free to say and write what I want, not that anyone will listen to me. What I am not free to do is surf the Internet as I please, because I am a child in the eyes of the authorities - a child who should be told what I am allowed and not allowed to read.

And since no one is listening, I would like to thank the authorities for blocking access to all those websites and would like to request it to block access to the entire Internet as frankly, we have no use with it.

Ever since this Satanic invention has found its way into our lives, life has never been the same - at least for me. Now I can access information - any information at all - at the click of a button. Horror oh horror! You see why it isn't right to leave children with a box of matches - with written instructions on the side.

Who in the world can claim being a citizen under the wings of such a caring .. erm .. whatever!


Nadine Toukan said...

Fear and ignorance are the saddest two things that Arab systems hide behind. It's like the oxygen is cut off before reaching the people/entities that make these decisions, living in their delusion of control thru censorship. It's laughable really.

Meanwhile, people will find ways to access the blocked, people will share the not allowed, and the power of peer to peer is not controllable. I wonder what the fearful will do then?! What is up ahead/right around the corner is not manageable!

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