Blocking porn. I understand. 
Blocking hardcore sex. I understand. 
Blocking gambling sites. I understand. 

Shutting down Never mind, people can still get in. In fact, now more people want to see what is going on in order to understand why these sites are being censored. 

Shutting down all sites with proxy in the domain. Fine, people are still able to access all that they want. 

But, for Abbas' sake, why did Google Translate give you an itch in your genitals? 

Can someone explain for I fear what I don't understand. 


Anonymous said...

I really don't know.. But I guess this will be fixed. Blocking websites by ISPs is not a manual kind of process. They add keywords or filters and the blocker will automatically block the websites. Then it comes the turn to manually unblock the websites that shouldn't be blocked. I guess this is a matter of time until they fix it.

Like I said on some facebook group about this thing. I don't think that normal websites like facebook, Bahrain online etc.. will be blocked. 90% of Batelco users already have accounts of facebook don't they? :P
Torrents and downloads, probably will, that's a big problem. Pornography is a very WoW act from the ISP, well done!

Let's just give them time to see what exactly they are doing? If things went opposite to our expectations, we'll protest.

DeadBunny said...

people can enter blocked sites using google translate..all they have to do is make google translate the blocked site..and just like reappears..

The whole blocking websites thing is BS..they shouldn't be messin with the internet..

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loki said...

yeah, what dead bunny says, google translate is basically a proxy, that's why they block it.

الإمبراطور سنبس said...

Abbas sake ?
You mean "العباس" or me "مخرف"

If yes
You are Iraqi :p don't you

Hussain Al-Tajer said...

Nice Post

Cuz those who did that stupid


My Best Wishes

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