I have long missed how you smell like.
Thank God, I did tonight and my eyes are still burning me.
My nose is pricking me.
But this doesn't matter.

Dear Motherfuckers,

Unbeknown to you, I have been struggling with an eye infection since December 31. I had just left the eye doctor, whom I had paid for, and then bought medicine from the pharmacy, which I have also paid for.

The doctor said that my infection is stress induced. Now my eye is throbbing, and I can blame it on you. But you don't care ... do you?


Ahmed Al-Shaikh said...

I hope you are better now silly girl:) I have a newborn baby girl and I am worried to death about tear gas reaching inside our home.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Dude said...

Possibly the best poem I've encountered in years. Well done.

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