It's only Tuesday .. and I am starting to feel restless being holed up in this pad. I still haven't uppacked my suitcases ... save for throwing all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and then into the dryer - where they are still calling out my name to pick them up, hang them, fold them and do whatever else you have to do with clothes.

Out of all the household chores there are in this world -- the only one I really love is cooking -- or creating recipes out of nowhere. To date, and after three years of moving up the ladder from Clueless-in-the-Kitchen to Cooking Whore, I am yet to get bored of this chore. I can cook daily -- and sometimes three times a day. I am a natural there - as I love dotting people with love, care and loads of food.

In other matters, I am already burned out. I know I shouldn't - but I feel I am. It isn't easy for me fall back into routine like I used to after any break in the cycle. This makes me feel even more anxious about my impending return home, to the daily grind of life. Would I be able to keep office hours from sunrise until after sunset like I did before? Would I have the patience to deal with stupid people day in, day out? Would I this? Would I that? And worst of all, would I take instruction and orders with submission? --- Not that I have ever done that so easily ... but you know what I am going on about.

Sigh! Stretch! Yawn... That neck still hurts and the pain is now radiating to the shoulder. Is it a heart attack?


Leonard said...

Wow, sounds great. Hope one day we can have a taste of your exclusive recipes!

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