I could have shot myself ... but now I don't have to anymore.

I had missed the strawberry, raspberry and all the other berry pickings because I wasn't here at that particular moment in time when everything, including the dividers separating the highways were abloom with every hue and shade possible in a rainbow!

And then I came and buried my nose in work - thinking that my cherries will be waiting for me ... until I got a friendly pat on my back, which reminded me that my jam supply was running low.

A moment of panic ensued. Sweat found its way to my forehead. And then I stopped being silly and came online to discover that I can still engage in one of the most pleasurable things about living in this beautiful part of Canada - cherry picking!

I just love cherry picking. Don't you?


Hani Obaid said...

No, it's hot, it's outdoors, and too low tech :)

Plus cherry-picking is further implicated in a euphemism of something else I would not enjoy!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm....fresh fruit..yum yum

Ammaro said...

interesting. not something i've ever engaged in, but i really doubt cherries grow here.

Anonymous said...

Dont be too bummed.. apple picking season is coming up i think it was end of august to early september from what i remember.. have fun!!

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