Here's for spilling the beans over some guilty pleasures - chocolates and the ability to pack my bags in a heartbeat to travel coming first, of course! There are other indulgances - which are better left untold at this point!

But because he (who I can't mention in my blog) and who isn't a fan of my blogging adventures, loves curling up on the sofa at night and clicking the remote control, jumping from channel to channel, told me to mention those highlights here, I am forced to oblige.

While watching Dancing with the Stars the other night, Jimmy Kimmel's mate - forgot his name - had to dance the Tango. He then proceeded to tell his dance partner, a Mormon, that the tango was the dance of prostitutes and pimps. I laughed. My partner wasn't impressed.

"Why don't you blog about it since you are obsessed with writing the word prostitute in your blog?" he challenged.

Here I go. Tango is indeed the dance of prostitutes and pimps and I am writing about it in my blog.


Next up is Oprah and her interview with the pregnant man/former woman.

My friend calls me up and asks:
"Did you watch Oprah yesterday?"
"No, I didn't .. should I be watching Oprah .. what next: Uncle Phil or whatever his name is?"
"Yes. There was this interview with a pregnant man," my friend explains.
"Hold on! A pregnant man? How did that happen?"
"Yes. He was a woman. He had a sex change. Then he married another woman. She couldn't have children. And now he is pregnant."
"So how did he get pregnant?"
"Yes. With his wife!"
"Yes! Where did the sperms come from?"
"He became a man and is having a baby with his wife!"

Nevermind ... with women now growing penises, and men who were formerly women getting pregnant, I can understand why men are feeling so edgy.. Poor poor testosterone-driven specimens .. your days are numbered!!! Who needs men when we can do it all on our own!!


And since I have to watch Oprah, I glued myself to the screen last night and watched the TV diva cry her eyes out at the killing of dogs in pounds across the US. Her advice to her viewers is: take your dogs to the vet and exercise your right to snip snip them. They don't need more bastard dogs running all over America. And who is opposed to dogs losing their .. erm .. manhood? Men! It had to be men... because as Oprah says, when men get their dogs de-manned, they feel they too are losing their manhood. Oh Please!!! What manhood? We now get women who have become men getting pregnant lady! Who needs men?


Unknown said...

wth.. if 'he' wanted to bear a child.. he should've stayed a woman...
he just looks wierd!! very effing wierd

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