I know you sometimes annoy me, when you invite yourself into my space, and glare at me when all I need is some dim light and time to contemplate on life, my existence and the mess we are in.

I love it when it is cloudy like today and your angry rays have to quarrel with the clouds, looking for an opening to focus your fury on.

But today - for some obscure reason - I want you to shine. I want light and lots of it. I want the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to ripen, so that I can go and pick them in the fields. And I can't wait for the cherry trees to bloom, so that I can go and haul my harvest. And I want to walk among the trees, and shoot all the birds in my vicinity, and cage them in one frame after the other.

In short, I am done with winter.. and would like to embrace you and make you my good friend for the next few months. Can you stop playing games with me and make up your mind, so that I can plan my life? And hey, I have nothing against winter. It is just that overcoats weigh my shoulders down and boots are so tacky, when my feet yearn for nothing more than flip flops.


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