Never had I thought that a bit of cloud and the threatening clamour of thunder, would dampen my spirits and make me run for cover under my blanket!

With 101 things to do today - again - I just feel so so so down - I don't want to get up; I don't want to sit up; I don't want to think; I don't want to write; and most of all - I don't want to tackle that mountain of work.

Now, for someone like me, I have the leisure of doing just that. I can literally let my hair down, put my feet up, and sulk.

Isn't that the mother of all blessings? And since I have something to be grateful for, I think I can shake off this omnious feeling and summon some energy to walk to my garage, and take out my dusty car for a much needed wash! I will just wait until the sky literally falls, for my joy ride!

Come on Rain.. stop being a pussy and fall!


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