That slave driver forces me to pop those two huge pills everyday! I hate pills - be they vitamins, supplements, hallucinating agents or pain killers. I can't stand them and they really make me sick.

And he goes on and on about how I should make it a routine to take one of each a day - one is a calcium supplement for my aching knees, which are caving in under the pressure of my increasing weight and the other is the one-a-day multi-vitamin for women who have crossed a certain age!! Apparently, my knees are disgruntled now. When they were made, no one anticipated that I would follow a laid back approach to life and conduct my daily affairs glued to a seat and fighting with my keyboard all day and night! What a silly knee .. and you would think the human being has the ability to adapt?!! Adapt, my Knee!!

That's all from me .. back to work .. I suppose!


Hani Obaid said...

I take a multivitamin pill every day too!

Looks like the slave driver cares for his slave's well-being :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

He sure does .. which reminds me .. I didn't take mine yet today .. off I go!!

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