I just spent the last half an hour chatting to a friend from Bahrain while frantically looking for my hair band.

I was pacing from one room to the other; looking behind sofas and under beds; opening and closing drawers; and going around in circles. After I hang up, I realised I had the wretched hair band around my wrist the whole time.

During my crazy search, I came across numerous other bands - plastic bands, cloth bands, rubber bands and wooden bands; bands with stones; glitter; feathers; beads; black ones; white ones; coloured ones; new ones and old ones; and expensive hair accessories and cheap ones. But no - I didn't want any of them . I wanted this particular one I thought I had lost.

I don't lose things. I just don't. And if and when I do lose something, be assured that it has been stolen or moved from its place by someone else.

Tomorrow, if and when I am in the mood, I will tell you about how I spent a whole day once looking for my sunglasses, which were perked on my head the whole time. Duh? I already told you the story now. Lemme go and think of something else ..

Until then.. that's all from me!


Bedouin Girl said...

I am CONSTANTLY losing my hair bands! I feel your pain! I love your blog, hilarious!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Bedoiun Girl... mmm.. now where has my coffee mug gone to...

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