For those wondering what's happened to me, here's a short preview of a month I have spent in Wonderland:
1. My sister gave birth to a baby girl. Noor is so so so cute.
2. I have been totally anti-social, have not attended any of the parties and receptions I was invited to - nor the bloggers' meetings. I owe you all an apology.
3. My four-year-old niece was in hospital for a week because of a condition she developed after being given the wrong anti-biotic by a (doctor ???) Sigh!
4. A friend of my had a total nervous break down... can't say more.
5. I am getting job offers left, right and centre. Didn't realise I was such a good 'catch' in a job market in severe need of some professional help!
6. Another friend of mine is in total confusion because her husband filed a divorce case against her and then withdrew it without letting her know why. He says it was a genuine mistake which he will not do again. LOL! She just found out how he stabbed her in the back and is having problems coming to terms with it. I just hope she doesn't believe him or trust him ever again.
7. Another person I know is actually getting a divorce. I swear.. fuck all 'I do' vows.
8. You know your friends and can make them apart from those who give you lip service...not when life is all parties and flowers.. but at times when you are all alone. I find calmness and serenity with people I can count on the one hand.
9. In Canada, I was physically alone as hubby worked day and night. In Wonderland, I am physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally alone... because I choose to be that way.
10. I think I have developed a severe case of autism... and I long to the safety and quiet of my own apartment. Readjusting to life in Bahrain will be a trip :)
11. I am a gypsy and I live out of a suitcase.. which I carry with me as I move between my sister's and husband's parent's house :)
12. I have to make lots of choices...and I have always been a spoilt brat who has had it all.
13. It is so hot in Wonderland that I feel that I am melting... all the time..even with the AC on full blast :)
14. I want to give myself a treat. Either a new car or a watch - and it better be a Chopard (hint hint hint) ..otherwise, I can wait until I am in Bahrain for good and get both!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your life never seems to have a dull moment as your network of family and friends experience turmoil in their lives. It may get a lot more interesting as Bahrain prepares for the US attack on Iran

bint battuta said...

Wow, that explains why we haven't heard from you! Anyway, you know where to find me if you need to escape for a little time!

H. said...

Oh how so, so, so silly of you!!

Cerebralwaste said...

So how long till you grace us again my lady in North America?

Silveroo The Sailor said...

Wajed kan khaaatri achofesh!

Islander said...

I kno what u mean :)! when im bak in bahrain as well i got overwhlemed with all the attention, and people and visits that it feels SO good to hide in my room for a while and pretend Im not there

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