We went apple picking the other day. It was amazing. Although I am not a huge apple fan, there is an excitement in picking your own fruit. I don't know what it is, but it could be some primitive instinct civilisation and the influx of supermarkets haven't tamed in restless souls like your humble blogger. The nearby orchards offer almost everything all year round and you can go there and pick until you drop.

Back to my apple picking expedition, which landed me with lots of apples, I didn't know what to do with. Back in the kitchen, I pulled out an apple pie recipe my aunt gave me last year. Flour, eggs, sugar and lots of cinnimon later, and the whole apartment smelled like it could be eaten - with a scoop of ice cream on top, of course.

A whole apple pie is a novelty for the first few minutes. But the last I heard of it was that it was complaining to the cheese cake in the fridge that it was feeling unwanted and neglected...like a lot of people I know!

Now that I have baked my pie, and to maintain some sort of harmony in my fridge, I guess I have no choice but to eat it!

Photo Credit: My better half, with our new Nikon D200 camera!


teddlesruss said...


Um Naief said...

congrats on making your first pie! i love apple pie and love making them. have never made one w/ red apples... i always use granny smith which are sorta tart. did you make your own crust? in the states, you don't really have to make your own crust any more cuz you can buy ready made that are delicious from the store... but i'm not so fortunate here in bahrain! ;)

hey.. did you know that mahmood's blog was blocked today or this evening?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You are next on my agenda!

I love making apple pie .. from scratch.. red apples and I make my own crust too.. and the surplus goes to making my own biscuits.. which are in demand here!

And yes! I heard that Mahmood's blog was banned in Wonderland.. What a shame really! I am sad :(

Um Naief said...

ummmmm... i make from scratch too. just started making them since being here in bahrain. i have some good pie recipes if you want any. i love homemade crust... nothing better. is the pie w/ the red apples really sweet?

i love biscuits... haven't made any of those in such a long time and have never made them w/ the extra crust...

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