Discovery of oil:
UAE: '58
Bahrain: '32

UAE: December 2, 1971
Bahrain: August 15, 1971

UAE: 4,104,695
Bahrain: 707,357

UAE: Federation
Bahrain: Constitutional Monarchy

And then what? Everyone, I mean most of us, know that the UAE and Bahrain are two different places... until it comes to censorship and intimidating people.. looking down on their citizens and residents and treating them like children by banning them from accessing internet sites.

We've all heard about what is happening in the UAE. Bahrain, probably jealous of its neighbour's draconian Internet policies..it just following in its footsteps now.

You see.. It is always the case of Monkey Sees.. Monkey Does!

Now someone.. anyone.. just tell me how to download images from Google Earth and I am game guys.. Tell me what you want me to zoom into and how to get the images published, and your wish is my command!


Anonymous said...

by the way i heard bout what happend in uae .. its really stupid and i hope they dont close down sites is bahrain ... couse even flicker (and soon enough hi5) is blocked ... the reason as they say it has porn images .. but we all know the real reason behaid closing such a site is that they dont like the idea that loads of guys and girls in uae r becoming friends because of that website
.. they want ppl to live in the cave ages

Anonymous said...

It is simple to save the google earth images :-). Ask St. Monkey when he you catch him online.

Omni said...

I feel bad for all the victims of this excessive censorship; the future exists online, and they'll be missing out on so much.

Ryan Metcalf said...

As always, proxies such as the Tor ring rule supreme. Sorry to hear things are getting worse.

don_veto said...

The most simplest way to save images in google earth is to just take a screen shot (shift-PrtSc, would take whatever is on your screen and place it on your clipboard for pasting anywhere you like) and edit out any extra stuff in Paint or your favorite drawing program. Hope it works for you.

Anonymous said...

i;m a bahraini who's lived in dubai,lo for almost 38 yrs!i reguarly visit bahrain once evry 45 days or thereabouts& i am horrified 2 hear that bahrain's internet is going the duabi way, censorship etc! thta is not nice! don't do it,baelco,u can b better.
anyway, blah!

secretdubai said...

So sorry to hear that Bahrain is suffering as we are.

sillybahrainigirl - please feel free to email me regarding the information request in your post. [my username here] at Gmail.

Anonymous said...

Yikes... is that MSN'S LIVE SPACES blocked by Batelco?! That's where I post my blog.

Should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

cool cursor...thnaks for the virtual wink and kiss. Nobody can sensor that!

Anonymous said...


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You are more than welcome V. There is no better feeling than getting things off your chest and ranting your heart out! For me, it is therapeutic and enables me to sleep better at night!

I wish you all the best on the blogsphere and whether you get reactions you like or you don't, just go on. It is always the ripest fruit on the tree which gets hit with the biggest stones anyway!

Good luck and God bless!

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