Better be careful if you are in the US and want to buy a ciggy lighter. You could be arrested for conspiring to detonate the nuclear arsenal the US has been piling up over the years.

America's attitude towards anyone with a Middle Eastern origin is not too shocking. In Chinua Achebe's wonderful piece of writing 'Things Fall Apart' -- there is a passage where African tribal men sit around eating and drinking, contemptuously referring to white men, comparing their white skin to lepers’ white skin.

One can understand the ignorance of the African tribals; they thought all white men are lepers! If America as a nation is as ignorant as the African tribals were 100 years ago... it is time to salvage their souls from the dark depths of ignorance.

UN should set up an Educational Aid programme to help the ignorant and ill-educated American population, which includes the President of the US.

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Sans said...

First they ask you to use decent language,
Then they ask you to be modest,
And then they ask you to be not so loud in your protests,
After that they don't ask you for anything...
They just silence you.

Um Naief said...

this post is SO true... and harald.. wow, isn't that the truth!

Islam And The West said...

Mr. Smarter no need to be so defensive there are stupid people in all places around the world. The problem is not ignorance the problem is when ignorance and arrogance combine in a person or nation. I think your comment shows this very well.

Jill said...

There are plenty of people in the U.S. who don't make generalizations about Middle Eastern people. You should be careful not to do what you accuse us of doing. Otherwise, you have a really interesting blog.

Unknown said...

Actually the Americans have some weird view of the whole world, for them the word is devideded in "USA" and "rest of the world". Even in the American site when it comes to a drop down lost where you are suppose to choose your location from, it's just a list of their states, and sometimes there is an Entry for "Outside USA". So France, Egypt, China, India, are all for them just one thing "Not USA"

Steverino said...

Should we compare President Bush's education to, say, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa? Bush has an MBA from Harvard while Khalifa has only an undergraduate degree. Bush graduated from pilot training and flew fighters in the US Air Force, while Khalifa had his lackeys bring him a cold drink. Lastly, Bush runs a modern democracy while Khalifa runs a kingdom, a medieval form of government. Khalifa runs a corrupt government staffed by his family and does not trust his own countrymen enough to hire them as police.

Shall I continue the comparisons of Bush and Khalifa?

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