Remember the 16 Indians who died after a camp swept through their labour camp two weeks ago? Well, the higher authorities of the land, have ordered that their death need not be a total waste of time and effort, and that those sacrifical lambs have given up their lives for the common good of their lot!

Reading such news at this time of the night makes my mind stretch in all directions. I am one of those people who get worked up, who cries while watching movies and who can get quite emotional and shed crocodile tears without any provocation!

What will happen to all the labourers living in camps which will be shut after they are found to be in violation of Bahrain's worker-friendly new labour camp rules?

What is the time-frame given for the PMs new orders to be executed?

Why did it take so many Indians to be BBQed before anything was done to improve the lot of those poor souls?

What is the punishment for violating Bahrain's new labour camp laws?

What are the new laws: any specifics on how many Indians can be crammed into a room now?

Ok.. I am being silly.. but I am finding Bahrain more and more outrageous by the day!


Sans said...

New orders to be 'executed'. Indeed.

Unknown said...

Maybe you ought to see the living conditions of labourers in Dubai.

Um Naief said...

i wonder how long it'll be until ppl realize nothing is happening! hmmm.. i could see a few places being closed for 'good times' sake.. but it'll all be for show.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Dubai, Bahrain and the rest of the countries around that pond are all in the same boat.
Things will only change there when human beings are treated with respect and dignity and not based on their colour, creed, race and religion!

You are right. Their plight will soon be forgotten. They are only labourers at the end of the day.

Unknown said...

SBG: I agree but do not foresee changes anytime in the near future what with this rat race of senseless monuments.

Sasha said...

Cheap labour - Dispensable people - Economic slaves of modern times.

All these great religions were supposed to educate the morons how to respect everyone (all are God's children, remember.)

This world is more or less morally bankrupt. If you really want to make a difference, start teaching your young ones the real value of life.

If a kid in the great wonderland of Arabia grows up seeing how his/her mom abuses the hapless maid -- he/she starts thinking that it is ok to treat poor people that way.

Not just charity starts at home, decency too starts at home.

Al Berto said...

Woman or man must have equal rights...that's all.
A kiss

Um Naief said...

I read your article in today's GDN about child abuse. Sadly enough, I do not think the public in this part of the world wants to face these issues and tackle them head on. It takes a lot of courage to do that... to admit guilt. It's covered in shame and takes YEARS, and I mean years, to overcome. The children suffer longer than you know. I know.

You wrote a good article. It's sad that so many children came forward out of FIVE schools! Truly makes you wonder what the national average is... and I'm sure it's staggering! It's happening a lot more than anyone is willing to accept or talk about. And, because of that, it will continue on for years to come. Girls suffer in silence while boys go on to abuse in later years.

Sans said...

SBG, Tooners: Is it only girls who are victims of child abuse?

Tooners: Too many of us have been in that position to write those two words, "I know."

EIGHTY FIVE Per cent is a shocking figure.

With Exhibition Avenue providing cheap thrills, I would have thought the level of abuse in Bahrain would be far less.

If anyone should wage a war - it is to protect the innocent children - from abuse of all kinds.

Thanks SBG for making the noise.

Um Naief said...

mediasans, No, it's not only girls that are abused. Many boys are also abused. Like I said, girls usually suffer in silence and don't speak of it, while boys are more often to speak of it and to go on and abuse other children as a child themselves and as adults.

When you say, "too many of us have been in that position to write those two words - I know"... what do you mean? I was commenting specifically on her article in the GDN when she pointed out that children suffer for years... I wanted to specifically point out that it isn't just for years, but for life. I said I know, because I know first hand. Maybe you are agreeing w/ me... not sure. Can't make out what you mean really. :)

There was an article a few wks back in the GDN about children being taken to SMC for child abuse. More often than not, the parents pick up these kids and put them right back into the environment. They don't want anyone to know and/or don't care. Prob, I think, both. To me, if they cared, they'd stop it ... NO MATTER WHAT. I think of my own way of thinking and put myself into their shoes and know what I'd do. The article went on to talk about this little boy who was brought in severely abused and there was nothing they could do to take him away, so they had to give him back to his family - who, I am assuming - were abusing him. A week later he was brought back dead. I may be off on a few specifics of this story... you might check out the GDN to get more specifics... but I'm very close.

Child abuse/sexual abuse is a terrible, terrible thing. It doesn't just go away. It's a vicious cycle that keeps turning until someone cuts the line. The only way to do that is to be open and honest about what is happening. That means the family has to recognize it and open up about it. Regardless of the shame that surrounds all of it. Victims suffer w/ shame most of their lives... if they're lucky and get help, they lead very productive lives.

It's sad that the situation is as it is here.. but it's been happening for years. I know an Arab woman who is a journalist and she was abused and she's not a young woman. She told me about how common it is. So... it is here... and will stay unless ppl get serious about it.

Sorry to go on about it... but it's very close to my heart.

Unknown said...

No compensation offered so far by the Bahrain Company. Have a look at this:

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