I have just returned from shopping for groceries. I walked into the building and a Canadian guy held the door for me, until I got into the elevator, laden with goods in both hands. He said hello, smiled, complimented me on what I was wearing, smiled again, asked me which floor.. pressed the button, held the door for me as I left and wished me a good day!

Minutes later, I returned to the car, this time with a trolley, to carry more things into the apartment. The Canadian guy wasn't there. An Arab was there, who walked into the building, slamming the door in my face, as I was pushing the heavy trolley across the garage to the door. I was two steps away. The trolley was heavy. I was hot and gasping. He got into the elevator and didn't even wait for me. Annoyed, I pushed and shoved the trolley around real fast and pressed the elevator again. The door opened. Fuck head was there. He probably was annoyed that I got in with him, because he wanted to spend whatever spare time he had in the lift to wank. The mother-fucker didn't even say SALAM or whatever those fucking Arabs should greet people with when they see them. Like, I look really Arab and Arabs recognise me from miles away. The bastard saw me struggling with my load and didn't even budge. I wasn't expecting him to carry my grocery and other shopping for me, but a little courtesy wouldn't have hurt him.

This building we live in here is the most upscale expensive condominum in this part of the country. All the people who live here are professionals, mainly doctors and lawyers. Mostly doctors. So this fucker must be a doctor. I really don't know how he deals with the patients everyday. I also don't know what picture does his rudeness and obnoxious behaviour project about Arabs here.

The only contact I have had with Arabs in this building.. other than the two Bahrainis we know.. has been with a Saudi dude... who thinks he is really cool. He is seen loitering around the building day and night. Please don't laugh. But ... hehe hehehe hehe ... he is here to accompany his sister, who is studying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you go! This is my rant of the day.. Hey.. I haven't been ranting and raving lately. I guess the growing number of Arabs here will give me the incentive to do what I used to do back home.


Anonymous said...

heey silly gurl ive been reading ur blog for some time now .. i undersatnd where ur coming from with this topic .. hes a tottal ass wipe for what he have done .. but please know this ... im a bahraini guy and once there was this new bahraini gilr joing my college in iralnad .. i was glad to offer help .. soo when i saw her i said hello and asked her if she needs help and if she wants to meet the bahraini students that study here .. all she did was turn away and she seemed angry .. i thought this wasnt a good time for her ..soo next day i saw her .. same thing happend ... after a while a girl i know became friends with her and she came to tell me that the bahraini girl thinks that im into her .. i was supprised as i was informed ... all i did was laugh ... if this was the reaction of a bahraini girl .. which she comes from the most openminded countery in the gulf ... what do u think other guys from other gulf countries would do with girls ... they r very discreet .. to them friendship between a guy and a girl is a big sin as they consider it .. so some guys they stopped offerning help or saying hello as not to be humilated by the girls reactions ... but once again the guy who did this to u is an ass wipe

x said...

hey are you in Canada?!

I noticed how nice Canadians were, the 2nd day I was here. It was actually a simillar incident, where a lady held the door open for me while I dragged my bike in to the building. But to be fair, a lot of the Arabs I know have developed different (more Canadian) behaviour. I think the guy you encountered is your typical asshole who think too much of himself

Um Naief said...

i've noticed this a lot here in bahrain. ppl don't offer to hold the door most times. i've been just a step or two away from them and they'll let the door slam right in my face. it's very annoying and so rude. i always hold the door but things like this make me not want to!

sadly, i think a lot of this comes from the way you're raised. i think a lot of ppl don't take the time to teach their children manners so they grow up w/out an ounce inside of them.

Eatsruns said...

Now that's a gross generalisation! I couldn't really comment because not being Arab I have a feeling my experience could be quite different from yours.

I will generalise and say that Canadians are lovely though!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog -- am enjoying it: you're extremely intelligent

Anonymous said...

Dear Silly Bahraini Girl,

Assalaam alaikum,

Isn't it ironical that you being a Muslim and trying to talk about other's ettiquettes are not mindful of your own language. My humble advice is please please use decent language.

Jazaak Allah Khair,
a well wisher

Nasrawi said...

ahlaan ya hala..

I'm from TO. Originally from Emarat. Canadians - I am one - are friendly. And they'll hold doors. But in Toronto, as friendly as people are, a lot of people from the Arab world/Latin America see them as cold. They won't open their homes to you unless they really know you - unlike the hospitality that most Arabs/Latinos are known to extend.

All the same, Canada is a beautiful place and the people are mostly friendly. And the Arab you met is an exception.

And the Saudi I know that lives in my building is cool. And he is doing his own studying - doing post-doctorate cancer research at one of the biggest research hospitals in Toronto, Mount Sinai.

Brace yourself for the cold winter. Be easy.

Unknown said...

Just bumped into your post through UAE community blog, thanks to NZM.

Hey, it seems this Anonymous person really has a beef with you. It resemble one's conscience following you around, cautioning & restraining you with a gag order of the day. Never mind them, they're everywhere, trust me. You just speak your heart out. They like, they read, they post. They don't, you know what I'm saying, I don't want Conscience trailing me. LOL.

Take care :-)

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

I just came across your blog, like your writting style.
where in Canada are you?

Vladimer said...

well it is not the fault of the arab although i don't like arabs at times although i'm one but think about it if and arab held the door for you and complimented your dress he'll get the bag in his face or a hot slap from you

Unknown said...

Sorry to all but I must agree with the young lady. The vast majority of Arab men I have come in contact with who are other than Bahraini, normally Saudi's are the most arrogant human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my 37 years. I have traveled the world throughout Asia, North and South America and of course the middle East and Europe. I have been living here in Bahrain for close to two years. Humility is something we could use a little of some more than others. Thank you for reading have a wonderful day and put yourself in others shoes at least for a moment.

zain.althawadi said...

Maybe you're just butt ugly and guys don't really give a shit if you're sweating or tired or whatever... seriously, your comments are so racist... if you want to know what rude is, spend a day in New York City, London or Paris. You've probably never left Bahrain and thats why you feel the way you do... Above that, living in a flat in Bahrain you will always encounter people of all classes, no matter how "up market" you claim it to be, because the upper class here, LIVE IN HOUSES with BIG GARDENS. So if you are judging a race by a bunch of no bodies living in flats on top of eachother like sardines, its almost like judging a whole country by spending a day in community housing. Seriously, get an education. RACIST lady.

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