Sans said...

Innocent lives lost. But, then, who gets to decide who is innocent in this war game played by a state and a stateless group of people.

Lebanese flag is all ok. Where is the Lebanese government when Lebanese are dying?

Are Lebanese soldiers fighting anyone?

Gulf News carries pictures of injured and dead - kids, women and men...

Is this a PR war? Two groups trying to win the public opinion or the international opinion?

War is mindless and meaningless.

I haven't seen any response from the state of lebanon to this barrage of bombing on either sides... As long as the state is silent - the flag too is meaningless.

layal said...

أتمني ان نتبنى جميعا كمدونين كلمه واحده بتاريخ واحد نحدد فيه رأينا للعالم اجمع
اتمني ان ندون مدونه واحد بتاريخ 27/07/2006
كلنا كمدونين نكرر عباره واحده
كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد اسرائيل والمحتلين
ولننشر كلماتنا القليله في جميع المنتديات والمواقع ليكون هذا اليوم يوم احتجاج
بالعربي بالانجليزي المهم نسمع صوتنا للعالم
وان لم نستطيع حمل السلاح فالنحمل الكلمه
وبأي لغة نستطيع نشرها
We are with Lebanon and Palestine against Israel and occupiers
Nous sommes avec tous le Liban et la Palestine contre l’Israel et les occupants
Wir sind zusammen mit dem Libanon und Palästina gegen Israel und Besatzer
Somos todos con Líbano y Palestina contra Israel e inquilinos
تحياتي للجميع

Cerebralwaste said...

sans said: "
I haven't seen any response from the state of lebanon to this barrage of bombing on either sides... As long as the state is silent - the flag too is meaningless."

Perhaps Lebanon would like to rid itself of the terrorists who live among them but the State doesn't have the will or the means to deal with the problem. Israel didn't start this pissing contest but they seem intent on finishing it.

Um Naief said...

I have their flag on a magnet sitting on the side of our fridge at home. It makes me sad... for I so loved that country and all its beauty.

I also believe that Israel intends to finish it and maybe it's best for everyone - altho I doubt if it'll help clear out Hezbollah for they'll only pop up some place else and will probably be a lot stronger because of this.

I do feel much sympathy for the Lebanese ppl. My hope is that they clear out before the ground troops start coming in.

AbuRasool said...

Israeli daily, Haaretz carried a commentary by Yossi Sarid a former Israeli minister lamenting the foolishess of his government.

He charges that Israeli leaders are comitting yet another stupid blunder. He writes, " With eyes wide shut, Israel once again blunders into Lebanon's trap of fools, starting a "ground activity" it may not be able to get out of for a long and bloody time".


let us hoope that some form of sanity prevails soon

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