Chapter One

“Bahrain? Where’s that?”
“You must have heard of Dubai? It is close.”

“Of course, Dubai! You must be rich!”
“Not me personally. But yes, the region is rich.”

“That’s cool. So your family is involved in the oil business?”
“Sure, every Gulf Arab is involved in the business. We all have oil wells in our back yards and money trees lining our driveways!”

Chapter Two

“Where are you from again?”

“Where’s that? In the Caribbean?”
“No. In the Gulf.”

“The Gulf of Mexico?”
“No. The Arabian Gulf.”

“What? There is an Arabian Gulf in America?”
“Of course. The world revolves around America as it should. You see, like the rest of the world, Bahrain too is a tiny American colony, sandwiched between the evil terror-mongering extremist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Iran. While 15 of the 19 hijackers of the 9/11 terror attack were Saudi, Iran is full of the bearded zealots, who now dare to aspire to develop a nuclear bomb to rid the world of all the infidels!
“We are in the unenviable situation of literally being between the anvil and the hammer!”

The End

“Bah aaaaaaaaaaaa rain?”
“It’s in the Middle East.”

“Cool. That’s in Israel. I was there last year!”




Gluon said...

Ummmm, isn't that gulf called the Persian Gulf? It says so on all the maps I've ever seen. Not that I have a personal stake in what it's named, and if it annoys the Iranians, well, then I guess it's okay to call it that.

If you really want to annoy the Iranians, why not call it the Israeli Gulf? That'll really get them mad!

Degoat said...

hehehehe that used to piss me off..

so i stopped saying the truth..

We were educated in school.. what always puzzled me is what the hell were they doin in school?!

ppl in that part of the world dont know shit bout the world other then their country..


Anonymous said...

*LOL* Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. How ignorant of poeple!

MR said...

A guy on a stretcher being whisked by ambulance into a hospital. A nurse rushes to take vital signs and data.
Your name, sir?
Date of birth?
Place of birth?
Don't need the city, sir.
It's a state.
O.k. Which country?
It's a STAATE.
Nurse turns to lady entering data: Another guy who won't say India.

Um Naief said...

My husband was getting this a LOT when we visited the U.S. this past April. Everyone said the same thing about the oil wells and riches. Most ppl couldn't get a clue as to where Bahrain was until he said, "you know, where Michael Jackson is living"... and then you'd hear "oh yeah... Bakraaain".

It really gets on my nerves... but he brushes it off!

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