Bahrainis are being urged to dig deep into their pockets to support cash-strapped ministers.

According to a report in yesterday's Gulf Daily News: "the Premier would receive a monthly basic salary of BD5,500, his deputies BD4,500 each and ministers would each get BD3,500.

"Those salaries would increase annually by three per cent.

"All Cabinet members would be given a monthly representation allowance of BD500.

"They will be also each get a car for official, as well as land and mobile phones and an Internet line."


NO COMMENT! Well actually I have a lot to say but will bite my tongue for a while. Enough said!


Cerebralwaste said...

Come on SBG! UNLOAD what you want to say!!

Um Naief said...

off topic... I read your column in the GDN about New York and the problems you faced there. I'm sorry about this, but please know that not all places treat ppl so poorly.

My husband faced some probs when we went to California this past February. When we went thru customs it took FOREVER for them to finish w/ him. There were tons of questions but mainly just the 'making us wait' kind of thing. Nothing like what you experienced.

New Yorkers are rude ppl... they're known for that, but it sounds like this guy and his goons topped the cake. Not everyone in the U.S. is as arrogant and stupid. I hope it doesn't sour you on future trips to other parts of the country.

Christopher said...

Nice blog...I'm glad I stopped by.

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