Roba said...


Cerebralwaste said...

Aren't you SBG the thrid one from the left?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yeah !! LOL!! And that is Whacko Jacko next to me!!!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

the picture is clearly photoshopped. zoom in and you will see that the lady on the left has been very badly photoshopped, and all of them as far as I can tell had the niqab actually photoshopped over their faces rather than them having them on originally.

I call this picture very malicious, rather than funny.

Sans said...

Ooooh! A conspiracy? Or someone being silly?

Sans said...

Isn't it amazing that most of the Arab bloggers/blog-stalkers who have been visiting and commenting this blog has kept away from commenting on the Greg Palast article?

Is this the manifestation of the impotency of an apolitical public? Or as SBG says - everyone knows the truth.

If everyone is aware of this Arab Paradox, oh well - let Lebanon burn as the rest of the Arab world make more oil money.

Swicth on the radio and all I can hear is about the charity that is flowing in to Lebanon!

The leading newspapers have been quoting obscure blogs which makes no sense at all about how a large number of Israelis are against this war. No newspaper has had the courage to quote what Palast wrote.

And hey, when did the Arabs start taking the Israel public opinion too seriously?

Innocent people are getting killed. The only ones who can stop this Godless act of killing people are the Saudi, Israeli, American and Iranian Governments.

When you have a large population which is largely myopic and impotent... it is the interests of the rich and powerful that gets taken care of.

Gulf News have been carrying the scoreboard (like the World Cup stats)
"X number of Lebanese Killed, Y number of Israelis killed."

Welcome to the theatre of killing. The killings are slowly getting glorified.

Of course, what Gaddafi's son said about the war - oil - windfall is so true.

Remember, higher the oil price, inflation goes up in every poor country. More children and sick are going to get killed for the want of food and medicines in poor countries such as the ones in Africa.

Poverty, starvation, no medical treatment -- are all atrocities against humans. Poverty is an indirect war, which is not so spectacular as the crashing of planes into big buildings or as gruesome as the photographs of small children killed in Israeli air strikes.

The results are the same: death/killing.

This is a time when a helpless populations hopes and prays for a divine intervention - when they have the power in their own hands to create peace.

Yes, create peace.

To destroy it doesn't take much time or effort. To create it takes a lot of time and effort.

A lazy public prefers watching the pictures of death on tv and newspaper -- and get some sort of a perverted satisfaction by giving hand outs to the survivors in the war zone.

In this blog, I read a few comments on "how we must show our support and solidarity to Lebanon". How about showing some solidarity to all forms of life?

The first step could be in realizing that we are not helpless to help the needy; not through putting in a few dollars or calling in to some radio show.

Governments which make decision for their subjects should be waken from this cosy slumber of theirs -- which makes them feel that everything can be taken for granted. Peace should never be taken for granted.

Today it is Lebanon. If a burning lebanon can jack up the price of oil in the international market... ask yourself - how many more such human catastrophes in the Arab world would satiate this greedy oiligarchs, yes OILigarchs.

I am not asking anyone to panic. People should be more responsible.

When communism was brought to its knees by university students in former East European countries, when the Berlin wall was brought down, when the Rouble crashed destroying the lives of innocent Russians -- the rest of the world - including the Europeans, Arabs and Asians applauded.

This is our world. We can make a difference by fighting for peace, yes fighting for peace - which is a good fight.

When are we going to have another Gandhi or Mandela?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! Mahmood. Thanks for making me smile this morning :)

Yes. I badly photo-shopped the woman/girl on the extreme left. All the rest were wearing the Niqab when I got the picture..and only one had her face showing. I decided to 'cover' her up too, just in case someone knows her and I get people knocking on my door, demanding why I published their daughter's picture!

You may find it malicious ... while I find it plain hilarious! When I was working in the paper, we used to get demands from certain people to publish mugs of people wearing the niqab! And they wouldn't understand why I couldn't!!

I understand your frustration.. but as I told you earlier.. everyone already "KNOWS"!

LiB Team said...

hahahaha nice one SBG, I received one without the first one from the left being a ninja. We were gonna write about "What's the point of taking the pic if there are no faces?" but didn't.. LOOOL that was so funny. Thanks for making me laugh :D

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks LIB Team! YEY! Some confirmation finally that I didn't photoshop the entire pic!!!

People really really really do take pictures of themselves covered up. Apparantly, they know and can identify each other - even with the masks and all.

Anonymous said...

About a boy.
Hi from Italy, I arrived at yr blog by the one of Farah Sowaleef. As have more fun from yours now i betrayed Farah and read your blog.

- This photo is too explicit, why the hands are not covered ? Religious police must intervene, uncovered hands
can arise sex fantasies into men.

By the way this kind of dressing can also be questioned as can hide omosexuality. Someone could put a gay man inside those black full dresses.
What your State is doing to avoid this possible fraud ?

Bye RiK

Anonymous said...

The garb reminds me of black garbage bags...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The girl you covered up is the only evidence for all the other poor Niqabbed ladies that they were in that place, in that day, smiling to the Camera of their man!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yes Mohammed,
You are right.. But I really don't want trouble with people!

lass said...

This is a fabulous photo! Thanks so much for making my day! Yes, months after you posted the photo!

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