Yes.. You read the headline right! It is 120 and not 20...
Read on. It gets better.

"A Saudi man finally tied the knot after being single for 120 years, spending it raising different types of birds.
"Saudi daily Al Riyadh said that the groom married a 15-year-old bride in Gazan province. He took her for a honeymoon in Jeddah."

end of story ;)

Hello? You still there? Read it again if you insist. I didn't make it up, I swear.

The burning question is: what will he do with the poor girl? She isn't "a different type of bird" he can pat on the back and feed bird seeds. She isn't 100 years old so they can sit together and exchange tales of the bygone era..

dunno know.. help!


Admin said...

Paedophile and Pedophile means the same, just that there is an extra "A" on one side of the Atlantic.

As for the 120-year-old - castration would be the best remedy.

Admin said...
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ainialyaman said...

what about the magic pills " Viagra ".
That will help .

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

That's just a load of bull... how can anyone even come close to believing this tripe? And coming out of Saudi, the mother of credibility!

luckyfatima said...

was the bride saudiyya or did he buy her from a near buy impoverished country?

ainialyaman said...

luckyfatima.this time you talking crap.

أبو سنان said...

It is well known that Saudi men with money travel to local locations to get brides. Morrocco is a popular destination. Families with no money, dirt poor, will often part with their daughters for the right price. Sad state of affairs, but it happens all of the time.

luckyfatima said...

yeah sorry if that sounded trite, but GCC men DO go to neighboring countries like Iran, India, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, ect. and use their relative financial blessings to influence poor families to agree to marry a daughter to them. it is actually extremely common. High dowries of local GCC women, and hard time finding a GCC woman to become a second, third wife are usually main reasons. I've heard that some men like these foreign brides better cuz they are more "traditional" (read easier to control) than today's modern, more emancipated, well educated GCC lady.
Just a fact, dear. Not meant to be insulting.

Admin said...

Luckyfatima: As much as a girl cannot be a little pregnant, no woman can be more emancipated. Either she is or she is not.

SBG: What do you now think about that book I gave you - Parachute and Kisses - by Erica Jong

Admin said...

Luckyfatima: As much as a girl cannot be a little pregnant, no woman can be more emancipated. Either she is or she is not.

SBG: What do you now think about that book I gave you - Parachute and Kisses - by Erica Jong

luckyfatima said...

sans: Women in the Gulf have great educations and many are very emancipated. Others are not. I am sure that you will agree that a well educated girl in say, Kuwait, who has a good job and drives a 4-wheel to City Center every weekend is comparatively MORE emancipated than the fourteen year old semi-literate daughter of a poor family living next to Chaar Minaar in Hyderabad (big source of Indian brides for GCC men). I am quite sure it is possible to be more emancipated, or less priviledged and free than someone else.

Admin said...

Fatima: All I am saying is that women should be completely free and not selectively free. Even many of the educated women are not emancipated, most just accept status quo their fate - to be enslaved.
The real emancipation happens when women are socially empowered and are respected as first amongst equals. For all this to happen, women need to be economically free.

The situation with those girls in Hyderabad is not that they are ill-educated when compared to the Kuwaiti who drives a 4-wheel. It is abject poverty that is the curse on these people in some parts of India.

Education definitely makes a big difference. Kerala is a wonderful model for the whole world. Hyderabad is only 36 hours or so by train from Kochi.

Emancipation means something genuinely precious and sacred that should embrace all forms of life under the sun - LIBERTY!

Comparitive emancipation is a dangerous thing. Who then gets to decide what % of freedom is not slavery? The mullahs in some corner of Hyderabad who thinks Sania Mirza should be wearing a veil as she plays in the US open?

DH Lawrence once wrote about liberty -- "Thou shalt not be mastered"

mediasans at gmail dot com - is me.

Mo said...

Whatever happened to any belief that there's good in the world? Why have we all become so cynical?

I think this 120 year old man had spent so much time with his true love (birds) that he reached an age where he has become too old and frail to care for himself. He needed someone to take care of him and to spend what little time he had left in his company, and so he married this young lady.

I don't know anything about their backgrounds or of their families, but I'd like to imagine that this story is one born out of human need for companionship, and not some sick perverted act of paedophilia. I'd like to believe that the old man is a sweet man, a man who's life has been filled with joy brought to him by such beautiful creatures as birds. I'd like to think that since no one would care for him this gentle 15 year old girl would share with him the last few years, months or even days of his life as the daughter he never had.

If this man was really sick in the mind like some of us think, then would he have really waited 120 years to take a young bride? What's sad is the fact that he has no one to care of him, and that the only way this girl would be able to do that without it being percieved as a sin within religion is for them to get married.

I could probably be just a sap who doesn't want to face the grim realities of the world. I could also have chosen to believe a sweeter version of this tale just because it made my day a bit brighter. You choose.

luckyfatima said...

i kinda think the guy was not really 120 cuz many of the older generation don't know their exact age. like, their moms just told 'em "u are older than such and such sibling and younger than this other one." maybe he's 85 or 90...not that that makes a big difference if his bride is 14

Unknown said...

ok, she agreed ... so it is up to her anyway.

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