How is this for the most disgusting news item of all times:

"MANAMA: A Filipina may be charged with feeding her sponsor's baby with a mixture of milk and menstrual blood. She has also allegedly offered her sponsor and his wife juice mixed with the blood, thinking she would earn the family's love.

"She is now being held in police custody for a week pending investigation.

"The family lodged a complaint against her after their other housemaid made the claims after an argument, says a report in our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej."

It appeared in today's GDN - on the front page.. Can't imagine the disgust on the faces of people who choose to read their newspapers over breakfast. But people shouldn't really read papers over breakfast.

Although I have worked for a newspaper all my life...I still can't comprehend the rudeness of people who read newspapers over breakfast, lunch and bloody dinner tables, while ingorning everyone else on the table. It annoys me. If the fucker is on his own and chooses to read the paper while eating, he is free to do so. He can also choke himself on the flipping thing and roll it and stuff it up his ass. But he can do all this in private - not when there is company.

Food on the table deserves some respect... and I am happy this story made it to the front pages of the paper and I hope it more than turned the stomachs of the assholes who were reading it while drinking their Filipina maid's freshly squeezed juice for breakfast!


Sans said...

Newspapers and newspapers. It is so disgusting to see people take newspaper with them to read - while they take a dump.

Imagine such a newspaper being brought onto the breakfast table...

I know a certain person who smokes his cancerstick as well as read the newspaper... while he goes about his business of shitting.

A smoke-shit-stinking newspaper...

Now imagine such a newspaper being brought onto the breakfast table...

But, then, most Tabloids are just like that - shit!

The Ugly said...

Absoluetly flipped over the the way the post turned from a disturbing news clipping to a venomous venting at a trivial preferance!

Couldn't agree with you more - it irrates the unholy fuck out of me when people bring newspapers to the table.

Coincidentially, I was chastising a colleague about that just yesterday - so your post is getting forwarded ASAP =)

sans - I confess to reading books whilst on the crapper..! But hey, never newspapers. =)


Chanad said...

I've never been able to read while taking a dump... I can't focus on both things at the same time. For me, emptying my bowels requires me to focus all of my concentration on one place.

I tried to do it once, but I ended up reading the same page over and over again.

Also, I use a bum shower at home, so I worry about accidently getting my reading material wet.

the troubles of life...

أبو سنان said...

Yuk. But weird customs and ideas are closer to home. My Saudi wife's family insists that bathing a baby in bat's blood will keep body hair from coming, as body hair on Middle Eastern women seems to be an issue. I dont know if this is a Hijazi idea or what, but it is pretty sick, not to mention that it is NOT based on sound science! LOL!

The Ugly said...

Makes you wonder though - do they stop adding the 'magic love ingredient (tm)' once they think that they have found love?

chanad - it takes practice, and the concentration skills of a doped up jedi master =)


Mujahid said...


8291 said...

are you a lost relative of mine? ah! the news item is disgusting enough, the newspaper for breakfast bit is well, a matter of taste.

your chain of thought is however fascinating!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


What do men and women do away from the prying eyes of Mr Morality with a capital M for MORON?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I am glad you feel so strongly about this issue..
But I swear to God Almighty that I have never abused any of our domestic workers, never swore at them, mistreated them or fucked them ever in my life.
None of the people living with me at home have done any of this as well.
We have been brought up to respect people who provide services to us because we are too lazy to clean our dirt, cook our food or wash our clothes.
FYI, NOT everyone in Bahrain abuses their domestic helpers.

حسن الخزاعي said...

BD.40/month, no specific number of working hours, no weekends,,, could we abuse them more?!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

look me straight in the eye and tell me:
1. how much do domestic workers earn across the GCC?

2. how much did u pay your maid?

3. can u afford to live without one if u have to work (which u should as a man) and your wife has to work (which she should because one hand doesn't clap) and you have children (because u should otherwise ur parents and her parents and society will never shut up!).

I am not saying that the salaries we pay are acceptable.. but think of how tough life is for those people. And I mean both the domestic helpers and the domesticated slaves of Bahrain.

This is no excuse for abusing the situation though. I hope we see things eye to eye on this.

I wish every Bahraini family was able to pay its domestic helpers BD200 a month..

But how can a man who earns BD150 and his wife who makes a similar amount afford that?

The answer could be local domestic help. I know of a few people who tried that but I am yet to see a Bahraini housemaid..

Ma adri walla.. but this wasn't the point of this post.

Thanks again for bringing it up.. It will serve as good ammunition for other posts I am sure.

Omni said...

Why would it ever occur to someone to do such a disgusting thing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marco said...

Kisses from Spain ;)


MuppetLord said...

ok...that is just warped. Does that mean the family now need to take blood tests to make sure that they aren't infected with anything?

Note to self : Don't get a housemaid.

On the reading in the loo....don't do it if you are actually going to use the toilet.

luckyfatima said...

hosn el khuzai said it very well in his first comment. come on, WE ALL KNOW how many housemaids are treated. gotta expect a little siHr from them when they have nothing...not their employer's sense of humanity, not the local legal system, etc. to protect them, of course they will resort to black magic. Hmmm, I wonder if menstrual blood really does have any powers, maybe i should conduct a little experiment hee hee hee

Adam said...

A smoke-shit-stinking newspaper...

just when i thought this story couldn't get any worse...

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