I have lately seen a lot of Wonderlandis being described by a certain chewawabababinzaga individual as being maoists...

Walla, I don't know why a Wonderlandi would want to be a maoist and have had to stretch my one-celled brain to come up with a better ideology for those people to follow.

My prepostion is as such. Since Wonderland is home to the infamous Dilmun cat; since most Wonderlandis are Muslims; since Islam pays special attention to caring for animals (you all remember the Hadith which specifically mentions cats) and since Silly Bahraini Girl is totally heads over heels over those fury purr fect creatures, I call upon all Wonderlandis to embrace Meowism and declare themselves as Meowists!

Long live Blackie our wonderful cat!

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SillyBahrainiGirl said...

for an example of where maoist is used check this out:


BB said...

chewawababinzaga's world view: if they're not islamists then their maoists...kill 'em all they don't deserve to live...

Long live Meowism...screw chewawababinzaga

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

wow girl..
U are quick !!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks Chrish ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


meow to all those who want to spread the seeds of disunity in our country

حسن الخزاعي said...

أي وحدة هذه التي تتحدثين عنها؟!! البحرينيون منقسمين طيلة تاريخهم الحديث، كل ما عندنا هو علاقات جيرة متوترة دائما. الغالبية الساحقة من مناطق البحرين مقسمة طائفيا وإثنيا ولا توجد منطقة واحدة مختلطة (عدا بعض أحياء الإسكان في المدن الجديدة) وحتى المدن المختلطة منقسمة لمناطق شيعية وأخرى سنية وثالثة يسكنها العجم ولكم في المحرق والمنامة خير أمثلة. أما القرى فهي صافية طائفيا فكل القرى إما شيعية 100% أو سنية 100% فأي وحدة وأي هرار.

أخيرا، إن الاعتماد على بعض التغطيات الصحفية المنحازة والمحرفة كطريقة للحكم على الآخرين تشي بسطحية في التفكير.


MuppetLord said...

Have you heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

MEOW to you all... Meow to the believers and non-believers.. Moew to the enthusiasts and the skeptics..

meow.. meow .. meow

long live the meowis

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