Oh NO! It isn't just another Saturday after all.
I know.. I have promised to keep it under wraps...but I just can't. My heart is pounding faster and faster...and then will be heard no more..

Oops.. what am I going on about.

For 14 years, I would wake up in the morning, get ready, sleep drive to work, flog myself all day long, miss out on lunches and dinners because I am snowed under..think about work when I go home...dream work when I am asleep...worry about work when I should be trying to concentrate on happy thoughts..

Well.. NO MORE.

Meaning this is my last Saturday at work. Meaning, next Saturday, I would be a woman of leisure. A bum. I will be a housewife. hahaha

There you go! I have said it. Thursday September 29 is my last day at work!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

ah so you're blogging full time now?

8291 said...

I do not see you as a woman of leisure! After a few weeks of rest, you will be back up to something or other!

Why am I all excited?

MuppetLord said...

All the best then.

أبو سنان said...

Mabrook. Masha'Allah, I am jealous. All of the best!

luckyfatima said...

what is the motivation for this? r u havin' a baby or something?

enjoy the relaxation time:)

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