He is suggesting I take chicken soup to cure my flu - a ridiculous ailment that has decided to attack my fragile (state of mind) and which doesn't want to go away. It seems that I am stuck with this situation and as much as it (the flu) loves me, I can't stand it. I am fed up of a clogged nose and ears - and a headache, which I am having difficulty getting used to.

Enough about my flu and back to the chicken soup he is suggesting. In my feverish bout, me, myself and I think we should get into the car and drive ourselves to the nearby Isa Town suq, and get some chickens. In no time, the chickens should become friendly with each other and start laying eggs; the eggs, I can use for breakfast and baking, and sit on the rest until they hatch. The hatched chickens will repeat cycle A and I can be in business.

As a side kick, I can live happily ever after packing the chicken shit in containers and selling it to you for your organic farm.

I know. Too much cold and flu medication does cloud your judgment.


Sans said...

Silly flu.

Sameer said...

it can really take toll on you huh!!!

The Cynic said...

You forgot about the feathers :)
There are monies in those too!

Ερμής said...

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Cerebralwaste said...


Please eat the soup!! After your done drop me an email please!


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