The ridiculousness of my Wonderland doesn't confuse me anymore. There isn't anything logical or rational about it but then I am not saying anything new really am I?
Why am I ranting? I am ranting because of all the random blocked sites and the fact that we are silent about it all.

Take today for instance. A friend of mine sent me a picture of a golden Ferrari, owned by X prince from NeverNeverLand. I rolled my eyes in horror (not that I would say no if it was handed to me for FREE on a golden platter) and went to my bible Google for a consultation. I search 'gold ferrari' - I try clicking on a link .. and horror oh horror .. the site is BLOCKED and here's a screenshot to prove that I am not delusional but simply confused and horrified at the ridiculousness of such bans.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and my heart really goes out to the apparatus in this country tasked with monitoring the Internet and censoring those sites. It takes time, money and real bad publicity (have you seen how Bahrain's ranking is slipping lower and lower in international indicators on freedom, transparency, democracy and all those sound bites we all seem so knowledgeable about?) To save us all this stress, I, someone with very humble experience in this field, would like to suggest something for the powers out there: Please please please end this farce. Shut down the Internet. Come and confiscate all our computers and toys, creations of infidels and signs of Satanist worship. Let's go back to our roots. And since we live in the desert, let's teach our children how to make clay tablets - and the rest as they say is history :)


Unknown said...

Use tor :)

Barkness! said...

Greetings from Turkey!

First of all, I'm really sorry to write this to here. I didn't find any contact place to use. Anyway. I have a blog which is writting in English (You can see it on my profile) and I really need some blogrolls as you. I hope you help me about this. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you very much :)

The Dude said...

Would the clay tablets have WiFi or would they be 3G? Multitasking? Hehe. Couldn't resist.

Yasoofeus said...

I approve of your awesome register (Y)

Hussain Mahmood said...

Use VPN. I just checked the site and a lot of it is pics of nipple slips and up-skirts of celebrities.

beegee bin-yamin said...

to be honest i like you
you have a nice way telling whats going on
like mohamed said u can always use tor which is dead slow or proxies ....
well dont discuss it more or u will be blocked x)
and trust me 2-3 years the will get bored and forget the whole thing

Unknown said...

You say it the best way... I'm liking more the way you think. Why aren't there more Bahrainis like you, I'm wondering?


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