Teething problems we all know about but how long does it really take for teeth to grow and problems with gums and molars to go away? 

I have been contemplating teething problems for a while now. In fact, it's been a few years. But years now move at the speed of light, so before you know it, it's time up and someone else's turn to take command of the joystick. 

What I haven't given much thought to is the reason for all those teething problems and the answer could be that perhaps maybe somewhere inside me is a reluctant shy little girl who refuses to grow up, let go of dreams and accept life for all its wrongs and injustices and just go with the iffing flow. 

And until I am ready to let go or rather until I actually let go, stomach up courage and go on that monstrous roller coaster (doesn't matter if I get nightmares at night or vomit in private after the ride), I will continue to be a mere by stander with a difference - someone who has always done exactly what I wanted even when forced to obey others instructions and see them smile stupidly at themselves, smug in their knowledge that the mission has been accomplished. 


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