Things are looking up .. and are improving dramatically. I think it is finally dawning upon me that my return to my Wonderland is not only real, but permanent; that the next time I pack a bag, it will be for a short trip to somewhere nice on holiday, or for a business trip or whatever reason people travel for. 

And to rub it in some more, I have actually managed to unpack my bags and placed my spoils of shopping in cupboards; and have gone furniture shopping and bought yet another huge closet to fit the rest. 

In the meantime, my better half has bought me a little car, which I managed to lose in a huge car park in one  of the new developments, where I went for a job interview. Yes, I am looking for a job now that I am back and seeing what options are available for someone of my calibre in such a volatile market makes absolute sense. 

That's all from me. And I found my car. Thanks for asking! 


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