Only in Saudi Arabia ... 

My friend from Bahrain was in Saudi Arabia for a business meeting. She flies to Riyadh. Checks into a fancy hotel, and goes to her room. 

She opens her suitcase, gets out her clothes, and proceeds to the cupboard, to naturally hang her clothes. You don't want to wear a creased suit when you are attending a business meeting, even when it is covered with the abaya (black cloak) and shayleh (head scarf). 

... so she proceeds to hang her clothes. Imagine her shock and  confusion when she opens the cupboard and gets out the hangers and see the STICKERS on them: "Hanger for MEN" and "Hanger for WOMEN!" 

Knowing my friend, I knew that she broke the law and used the MEN's hanger to hang her clothes. My question is: WHY are there different hangers? What is the aim ? What is the objective? Why are there men only and women only hangers? AND what is the penalty for hanging your clothes on the wrong  hanger? 

My friend has a prize for the most convincing answer!! 


AAF said...

This must be one of the strangest stories I've heard lately. Only in Saudi!

Lets see, I cannot give you a definite answer to your questions based on the info you provided alone, since you did not describe the hangers in your post. Were the hangers exactly identical? If not, maybe the "Hanger for Women" had a special felt covering to keep the silk shaylas and abayas properly situated?!

Also, since it was a fancy hotel, they probably had a special laundry service for the men's clothes/dishdashas and another one for the women's clothes/abayas, so the purpose of the stickers was to make them easier for the hotel staff to identify.

If I guessed correctly, when can I claim my prize? :)

Unknown said...

Hangers are used in hang-outs, neyahahaha

Yacoub Al-Slaise said...

lol I think women hangers need a mu7ram to stay in a cupboard..they can't stay alone especially if a man has booked the room... the third would be Ibleeees himself!

On the other hand, there are such things as women hangers which are the one with smaller hooks underneath the shoulder place to hang up dresses from their transparent loopie thingies.

Ahmed said...

This is really beyond stupidity

Mo-ha-med said...

Since other people beat me to the logical answers - there is some differentiation in hangers - let's try the illogical..
* the female hangers aren't properly covered by their own abaya and may not meet the male garments?
* if the male hangers had abayas on them, perhaps they would be considered as 'rejal motashabehoon bel nisaa'?

* There are actually three times as many female hangers as male ones, for obvious reasons.

Hmm.. okay, out of ideas here.

Norah A. said...

They dont want a cross dressing hanger? hahahaaa

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