, the aggregator which brings together Bahraini blogs under one roof, is the latest victim of the Ministry of Information's vicious attack on the Internet and closing up all venues of free expression which they cannot control. 

Am I outraged? No. Not anymore. You want to play that game? Fine. Go for it. But before you continue with this child play, please remember that efforts to fight filtering and censorship are a step ahead in the game. Anything you censor and block, can be opened and read, circulated and spread, with or without your blessings. And this isn't a challenge. This is common sense: You have chosen to hide something. You have elected to cover it with a shroud - and it is something which isn't dead. It will struggle to break free from the shackles and people will be curious to see what is it exactly that you are trying to hide. Never mind not many will ask why, because why isn't a question we are allowed to ask, given all the freedoms we enjoy. Besides, we don't deserve an explanation. Never have. Never will. 

Now that you have blocked, a service run by a blogger, paid for from his own pocket, effort and time, to create a one-stop shop for all Bahraini blogs, do you think you have stopped the rest of the world, or people from Bahrain for that matter, from accessing this site? 

Thank you Ministry of Information for the free publicity that will now get around the world! You just made my day! 

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Photo credit: Hasan 


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Like you Ameera, my pulse no longer races when I discover yet another of my public service sites blocked. This is probably the sad part of the experience. I'm not suggesting that we have become jaded, but actually safe in the knowledge that once again the individuals at the Ministry of Information making the Big Brotherly decision have confirmed their position of ignorance and their contempt for free thoughts in this country.

rOSTyk said...

THAT stupid idea to block aggregator. The kindom goes wrong way. I realy sad. Whats wrong with that peacful aggregator of blogs. So i continue read it via proxy but its BIG MINUS for Kingdom which goes to darkage.

rOSTyk said...

what i see at this year at kingdom - no new or good public beaches, no new attraction BUT LOTS OF BANS. peoples remember bad things not good.

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