IF I were THAT ONE I would be walking around, talking to myself and asking: "Who am I?" 

Never mind what you think, or what the truth is, for people are now turning to the internet in a desperate last minute attempt to find out the real answer - and possibly some dirt on the Hawaiian-born, Indonesian-Madrassa taught, half Kenyan African black-half Kansas American white, community organiser, turned lawyer, turned Senator, turned Presidential nominee, turned Presidential candidate, turned ... ARAB. 

Having access to Voices without Votes engine rooms gives me access to loads of information and this weekend our top search keywords on the site are as follows: 

Never known as people who would give up, no matter what, the search continues, and here are a few more key search words: 

And while I have no problem with people obsessing over Obama's background as their persistence is anything but admirable, the search continues: 

This time our readers are confused: Is he Arab and NOT black or he is Arab OR black. I don't want to shock those gentile folks: but it is possible to create the ultimate boogeyman: The Black Arab. We have loads of them across the Arab world, and I also have friends from this specific species of creatures where I come from, in Bahrain. I would be happy to introduce you to some of them and I assure you, they don't bite. 

And after all this, search words number 99 and 100 conclude the inevitable: he is an Arab. What first started as a question, a very confused one that is, is now fact, regardless of whether they are confused on whether he is A Arab or just Arab. 

Keep looking folks. I hope you find out the answer soon and put the man out of his misery, for he too is sure confused. 


Hani Obaid said...

I say we make him an honorary Arab, but only after he wins. An honor I'm sure he could do without.

Why was anyone searching for "shoe fetish" on voices without votes ?! and among all the other searches about Obamas missing Arab heritage?!

Note: Gentile means none-jew, I think you mean gentle!

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Hey SBG!

Congrats on making headlines at WashPost with VwV!! :):)


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